Early Tuesday morning, the popular web series “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifianakis released a new episode with special guest President Barack Obama. Hosted on the site Funny or Die, the clip allowed the president to exchange dry humor with Galifainakis while sharing information about Healthcare.gov. The next day, the government website reported a 40 percent increase to the website that help people sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Those visitors came from directly from Funny or Die after viewing the video.

President Obama wanted to share his message with his intended audience and found the perfect channel for reaching them. While you may not have access to the commander in chief, experimenting with different ways to reach job seekers can help you a discover a new, and possibly better, channel for potential applicants to learn more about you.

Ask employees. Before you start dabbling in different channels, talk to current employees to find out how they learned about your business. You might notice a reoccurring trend of referrals from friends or a certain Facebook post that pointed them in your direction. Explore these avenues so you can take advantage of where job seekers are looking.

Start experimenting. Once you’ve nailed down the new channels you’d like to explore, it’s time to get started. As you explore, take note of what works and what doesn’t works. You might be surprised what catches the attention of job seekers: pictures of your workplace, testimonials from managers, etc.

Trust your leaders. Once you’ve established which channel works best for your workplace, trust leaders on your staff  to help you stick to your new plan. Not only will this keep them engaged, but it will allow you to continue focusing on business operations.

Go beyond want ads and signs posted in the window; consider something new to reach the job seekers you want. Happy hiring!