The opportunity to give one of your star employees a promotion is definitely one of the perks of being an employer. Additional responsibilities and the trust of their peer are welcomed by those ready to accept larger roles in the workplace. However, this transition shouldn’t be thrust upon a new manager without the proper training to help him or her become accustomed to the role. A managerial position demands a different set of skills than what might have been expected of them before; going in unprepared is not fair to your new manager or the rest of your workforce.

Avoid manager mishaps by taking a few steps to better prepare your employee for their new place in your business:

Create a manager sidekick initiative. Much like you would for new hires, pair up new managers with leaders who have more experience in the position. This opens the door for questions and allows promoted employees to learn from example. Having a teacher of sorts can make the transition  less overwhelming for first-time managers.

Be straightforward about expectations. A new position comes with a new set of responsibilities, and that’s especially true for managers. Make sure the details of these responsibilities are a key part of  initial conversations about a manager’s role on the team. Never assume someone will know every thing that’s now expected of them; be clear and straightforward to avoid confusion.

Don’t be shy about encouragement. Take the time to point out what your new manager is doing well to give them a vote of confidence as they are adjusting to the new role. Even recognizing a successful day in the first few weeks can keep excitement levels high and spread throughout the workplace.

Take the time to nurture your new managers and you’ll be giving them the tools they need to succeed. Have some great managerial training tips of your own? Share them with @SnagajobWorks on Twitter.