You’d be hard pressed to find an employer who thinks training is pointless. In fact, you can probably list five compelling reasons that training is crucial to your business in 30 seconds. Let’s try.

  • It increases employee productivity.
  • It helps reduce mistakes, accidents and injuries on the job.
  • It keeps employees engaged by encouraging career growth.
  • It increases job satisfaction.
  • It ensures a consistent customer experience.

But that’s at the finish line after you’ve jumped some serious hurdles – hurdles that online training software can help you clear much more easily and cost-effectively than a paper-based training processes.

Consider these examples:

  • You’re a multi-location business with 18,000 employees and you’re about to expand from 600 to 900 locations. You need to identify your best employees within six regions to help open the new locations. How do you identify the right employees?
  • You sell money orders. Federal law requires that every employee who sells a money order be trained in anti-money laundering law. How do you prepare for and prove compliance in the event of an audit?
  • You’re launching a new product. Employees at 80 locations need to be trained within three weeks and you have one corporate trainer. How do you ensure everyone is trained?

Each of these businesses has a major hurdle to jump over. However, these common concerns – volume, compliance, time – can be eliminated with the right training software.

Businesses are embracing the efficiencies that technology can provide, and training is perhaps one of the largest areas of your business that stands to benefit from technology.

The growing multi-location business could rely on managers’ recommendations to identify the right employees to open new locations, or it could use online training software to sort employees by the volume and diversity of training completed, which quickly identifies the most comprehensively trained and qualified employees.

The money order business could keep paper records to document each employee’s training records, or an online training system could keep all employees’ records stored and ready for quick access in the event of an audit.

The 80-location business could attempt to train everyone in three weeks with only one trainer, but an online training system would speed up the process, create consistency across locations and allow the corporate trainer to monitor progress at each location from the home office.

What’s the moral of our training story?

Technology has made a vast array of activities easier and more efficient – including training your hourly workforce.  Online training software can improve the efficiency, consistency and compliance of your training program. So if your program is still in the category of rotary phones and VHS tapes, it’s time to let technology make your business more productive.