In our most recent survey, we asked roughly 300 hourly hiring managers about their interviewing and hiring practices. They divulged why they’re hiring, the challenges of finding new employees and the types of questions they tend to ask in interviews. We also inquired on how they prepare managers to handle walk-ins, job seekers who visit their stores looking for the opportunity to work.

About half of the employers we surveyed said their company provided little to no training on how to handle walk-in applicants. Not providing proper training can lead to poor applicant experiences, mishandled paperwork or interruptions in business operations. Walk-ins are inevitable, especially when job seekers are so passionate about finding work. Keep these tips in mind when interacting with applicants who visit your store:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Respect is essential in every aspect of the recruiting and interviewing process; that includes how you handle walk-ins. Applicants and customers should receive the same level of service, especially since those applying for positions with your store are likely to have a connection to your brand. Make sure managers know that even if an applicant comes in during your busiest hours, they should never show frustration or annoyance. Treating applicants with respect means you don’t run the risk of creating a brand disconnect.

Have a plan for walk-ins. Don’t be another statistic; establish some steps for when someone comes to your store looking for a job. Take the time to stop and explain the best way for them to apply, such as coming back during a slower hour or applying online. If it’s the latter, have some cards on hand that will direct applicants to your online application. Giving walk-ins a card to take home helps applicants feel that they didn’t leave empty handed.

Hold a (brief) conversation. This, like every suggestion made so far, goes back to being respectful to the job seeker. A quick, informal chat can help the applicant feel at ease and might give you some insight into what kind of candidate they will be. Making an initial connection turns a potentially rushed exchange into a friendly one. Suggest questions that manager can ask when walk-ins arrive and encourage them to write down the applicants name and responses quickly for reminders when reviewing applications later.

These are just a few things to consider when handling walk-in applicants. Figuring out a plan that works best for you and your team can give you the upper-hand in the recruiting process, especially when respect is included in the details. Make sure to visit our blog for more tips on interacting with job seekers. Happy hiring!