Try to figure out which came first – the chicken or the egg – until you’re blue in the face, but the short of it is that it doesn’t really matter which came first, because they each depend on each other.

We serve two communities at Snagajob that are far from mutually exclusive. Job seekers come to us looking for a wealth of hourly jobs, and employers come to us looking to tap into our membership of millions of hourly job seekers and our hourly-specific hiring system. Without employers there’d be no seekers, and vice versa.

On the employer side, we spend our time developing and perfecting products to help employers attract, recruit, hire, train, retain and schedule hourly employees.

On the seeker side, we spend our time enhancing our site so members can easily find and apply to openings, get advice from us and network with fellow job seekers. Why? Studies by Forrester Research estimate that 40 percent of users do not return to a site when their first visit is a negative experience. Lesson: a cumbersome, valueless site is a lonely site.

Because we’re looking at a chicken-and-egg relationship, improvements we make for our job seekers also benefit hourly employers. We strive to create an experience that will not only keep current job seekers coming back until they find that perfect position, but that will also have them telling their peers about how helpful Snagajob has been in their job search. That means more job seekers will come to our site. For employers, more job seekers means higher applicant flow, more talent to choose from and better-fit employees.

So, how do we improve the site for job seekers? We listen.

Every Friday we go directly to our members and host usability sessions, where we talk one-on-one with Snagajob users about their job search experience, watch how they navigate our site, learn what shortcuts work the best and what icons draw the most attention to jobs, and hear about any parts of the site that have proven to be confusing.

After each usability session, our development team compares notes and identifies ways that we can improve our site to make the job search a little easier for our members. We’re even experimenting with a whole new look and feel at this point.

Our site ain’t broke, but we’re still working to fix – and by fix we mean enhance – it. With each polish, we’re improving the usability of our site for our job seekers. There’s a direct benefit to employers when we’re able to attract a wealth of potential hires and keep them engaged.