Yes, Apple sold 35 million iPhones last quarter. Yes, 35 million people are playing Draw Something. Yes, it’s the number of pennies you’d need to produce an average 30-second national TV commercial. But what does all this mean for you? Probably nothing.

But, 35 million is now the number of registered hourly job seekers on And that can make a world of difference for your business.

When Jayne of Kokomo, Ind., registered with Snagajob, we achieved another membership milestone, signaling that Snagajob continues to be the go-to place where hourly job seekers look for job opportunities. And the talent pool of qualified applicants gets deeper as more job seekers come to Snagajob looking for open hourly jobs.

The first step to hire a great hourly workforce – a workforce that will be more productive, drive repeat business and stay on the job longer – is to source talent from your target audience. As the only company totally devoted to the hourly space, Snagajob plays host to your target audience 24/7. And with every new registered member, that audience grows, along with your opportunity to find your next employee of month.

So here’s to 35 million! Not only for what is means for our growth, but for what it can also mean for your business’s growth as well.