No more nebulous uncertainty about what the future holds for your business. Your handy little solar-powered calculator may as well have a crystal ball function on it, being that you can use it to add up what your hiring process is going to cost. That will tell you, better than a palm reading ever could, how long your lifeline stretches given your current expenditures and investments.

You have the best shot that perhaps you’ll ever have at attracting talented people ordinarily not available to you. Gaze into your future – what do you see these talented people doing for you, your customers and your business? Looks pretty good, huh. Now take out your calculator, and make your hiring expenditures and investments add up to a way to land and keep them.

Calculated hiring is changing lives from the board room to the back room. And it’s pollinating the outward spread of quality products and services to customers and others in the community. People on both sides of – and outward from –  a bottom-line-oriented hiring process can expect to flourish financially as well as personally.

As a result of calculated hiring, hourly workers are put into the right-fit positions that help them maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. Businesses with a workforce full of highly engaged employees are seeing a higher percentage of repeat business from a far larger number of loyal customers.

And managers are able to spend their time and resources on adding value to the customer experience and revenue to the business while getting back to what they love about their jobs. That means they can turn around and offer those employees additional or better incentives. You see, qualitative as well as quantitative benefits are baked into calculated hiring.

Once you identify areas of your hiring process negatively impacting your bottom line, while gaining awareness of what related investments should be made, you’ll be able to  guide your hiring process in an incredibly profitable, yet passionate, way. It’s going to take a concerted effort, and we can help. No gypsy types need be involved.