Every day, articles around the hourly and hiring industry are released. Here are just a few that our staff is reading at Snagajob that we’d like to recommend you check out too.

Domino’s adds Google Wallet

Domino’s continues to blaze the trail in mobile by integrating with Google Wallet for their Android smartphone app. Google Wallet can not only house debit and credit cards but loyalty program rewards for members as well.  With the increased demand in online ordering, mobile payment options are becoming popular with major restaurant brands including Starbucks, McDonald’s and Panera.

Emerging Tech Leaders

At Snagajob, we’re always thinking mobile-first for our products so following the trend of mobile applications for restaurants has been exciting. But this excitement isn’t limited to the nationwide brands; some smaller companies have been making big strides in offering mobile payments, online loyalty programs and rewards for their consumers.

Want to get teens in your restaurant?

Ready for a laugh? Well, that’s how brands are attracting teens to their restaurants.  The traditional sites, like Facebook, just aren’t cutting it with this Millennial generation and brands are discovering that non-traditional advertising can be the key they need for grabbing this audience’s attention.

Low-wage workers not protected by minimum wage

Despite the push at a national and various state levels to push up the minimum wage rate from $7.25 per hour, there are still low-wage workers who aren’t covered by this recommendation. While your first thought may be servers making $2.13 per hour but disabled workers and employees under 20 years old can also fall under the federal minimum wage rate.