By Jessica Dickler (CNN Money)

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Justin Bieber may be the hottest teen idol in town, but few people would want to do what he does.
When asked which job workers would rather have for one day, most men chose the leader of the free world, while most women opted to try a hand as First Lady, according to a survey released Thursday by job search site, Snagajob.

Despite heated debates over the debt ceiling, President Obama was the clear winner among the male choices, with 33% of the vote, Snagajob said. But even more women — 37% — said they would like Michelle Obama’s gig for 24 hours.
The next popular choice among women was Lady Gaga, while men opted for funny man Will Ferrell. Falling solidly in the middle, with 16% and 18% of the vote respectively, were Prince William and Kate Middleton.
Despite raking in millions of dollars and having legions of fans, “The Biebs” and Tom Brady were tied as the least popular choices among men and only 5% of women said they would like to live a day in the life of “Glee” star Lea Michelle.
“When given the choice between fame and power, workers dream of making a difference rather than basking in the limelight and living lavishly as a celebrity,” Amanda Richardson, a senior vice president at Snagajob, said in a statement.
Snagajob polled more than 3,400 people between May 9 and May 31, 2011.