The employees at Snagajob, also known as Snaggers, are passionate, fun and more than willing to share their experiences. So we invited a few Snaggers to contribute to The Hourly Insight. Today’s guest blogger is Logan Tinder, a franchise account executive who was excited to let us know the details about attending his first trade show.

I ventured passed the Mississippi for only the second time in my life and headed to Big D for my first conference with Snagajob. Despite being a lifelong Redskins fan, I was pretty excited to check out Texas. Buffalo Wild Wings was hosting its annual conference at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, Texas and let me tell ya…. they know how to throw a party (and, uh, educate me on the current business trends and goals of the organization).

B-Dubs Engagement. There were no Tony Romo sightings (thankfully), but I was astonished at the turnout. Ranging from general managers of locations to the CEO Sally Smith, the amount of energy and engagement for this brand was quite impressive. Many of the B-Dubs employees we spoke with had been with the company for many years and had worked their way up the ranks. There was an infectious excitement surrounding the brand and its thousands of employees.

Snagajob Love. Yes, this is a shameless plug for my company, but the Snagger table was buzzing all night during the vendor show. It never hurts to have sweet leather journals and orange sunglasses to hand out. There was nothing but positive feedback about our service and company as a whole. I wasn’t sure if it was the Harpoon IPA talking or just genuine excitement, but the sentiment was the same across the board. The only negative feedback I heard about Snagajob: “Can we turn down the faucet?” or, “We are receiving too many applications.”

Innovation. Buffalo Wild Wings is always shaking up its flavors in the “Sauce Lab,” but seems laser focused mostly on improving the overall customer experience. They are currently outfitting each location with the “Stadia” outfit. In a nutshell, this means bringing the stadium experience and energy to it casual-dining locations. To supplement this theme, B-Dubs is also rolling out Buzztime BEOND seven-inch table tablets to all of its North American locations by late 2015. Giving each “fan” the opportunity to order, pay, view highlights, or even play poker right at the table. On the growth front, they now have locations in Mexico, Canada, Middle East and Puerto Rico. In a world full of turmoil, who can argue with wings, beer and sports?

Ironically, the only part of the B-Dubs tagline I did not partake in was the Wings. The beer was always flowing and they capped off the event by hosting a 5K on the very last morning. And yes, The Coach (from the well-known commercials) did make an appearance! Until next time, stay thirsty and eat more wings!