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  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Employees a Retirement Plan - Jenny Lewandowski

    According to estimates from AARP’s Public Policy Institute, workers are roughly fifteen times more likely to save for retirement if their employer offers retirement benefits. But as a small business, offering retirement benefits often feels out of reach. Thin margins and tight balance sheets can squeeze your benefits decision to offering either health insurance or… read more

  • Get ready for Small Business Saturday - Susan Stavitzski

    Move over Black Friday. Wait your turn Cyber Monday. The real kickoff of the holiday shopping is Small Business Saturday on November 26. This shop small Saturday holiday, started by American Express in 2011, celebrates shopping at local small businesses and supporting the growth and contributions these establishments make to your local community. How can… read more

  • How Starbucks conquered employee turnover - Ashley Robinson

    What’s the key to beating employee turnover? It seems Starbucks may have found it. While most quick-serve restaurants range between 150-400 percent turnover, Starbucks is at an astounding 65 percent, according to QSR magazine. So how do they do it? Know employee retention starts early The hiring process, especially the interview stage, is a two-way… read more

  • Employee happiness: Four statistics & how to implement them - Guest Blogger

    Employee happiness is an increasingly important aspect of the modern workplace. Cultivating a company culture, offering remote work and making healthy options available to your employees is proven to improve a company’s bottom line by a staggering amount. Companies with happier employees outperform competition by an average of 20%. How do you go about making… read more

  • How to avoid a bad fit in your job description - Guest Blogger

    When writing a job description, you want to focus on attracting the right candidate. That sounds obvious, but a lot of employers focus on getting the best possible candidate on paper. We find that our customers are more successful when they look for the right employee for them. So what is the difference? We all… read more

  • Creating culture in a workplace - Kim Costa

    What is “workplace culture” and why is it important? The term is relatively new, and it encompasses several elements. Essentially, it refers to the atmosphere of the workplace. It is the look, the feel and the vibe on the sales floor, in the office, behind the front desk or in the dining room of a restaurant. It affects the… read more

  • Now hiring: Back to school edition - Kim Costa

    Recently, we shared some tips for employers to make the most of their hiring once school’s back in session. But for some employers, the end of summer means turnover and a pressing need for new hires. Some of your best employees could be gearing up for school to start or off to college. The end… read more

  • Dealing with difficult employees - Kim Costa

    Every manager has stories about that one employee who proved to be a nightmare. It’s inevitable that you will manage difficult employees; it comes with the territory. Some managers end up being held hostage by chronically problematic employees. They want to let them go but end up tethered to them for years, expending more emotional energy than necessary. It’s time to… read more

  • How to make a job offer letter - Kim Costa

    Sifting through resumes and applications is no easy task, and conducting job interviews can be stressful. Thankfully, you’ve found an applicant who not only looks good on paper but is a perfect fit for your team. Ready to make an offer? Put it in writing. A hiring offer letter starts off the professional relationship on a positive note…. read more

  • 25 hacks to reduce stress in the workplace - Guest Blogger

    Stress is an inevitable part of any job—or is it? Yes, there’s the stress of barely making a dent in your to-do list (you’re not alone, by the way). Add to that the stress you bring to work—everything from a bad night’s sleep to financial woes or relationship problems at home—and you’ve got a hot… read more