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  • A monthly checklist for your business - Imani Holmes

    Every month can feel like a fresh start for your business. It’s the perfect time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t work and what you want to focus on in the future. But where do you start when it comes to maintaining the health of your business. A handy to-do list for your hourly… read more

  • [Infographic] Gen Z: Meet the new hourly workforce - Imani Holmes

    What makes Generation Z workers different than the hourly workers who came before? Currently making up 1 in 5 of today’s hourly workforce, Gen Z is ready, and very willing, to get to work. See how you can prepare your business to succeed with this next generation of workers.   Download infographic  

  • Give your company culture a checkup - Imani Holmes

    For a lot of employers, maintaining a successful business requires research, planning and rounding out their staff with great hires. It also means taking a closer look at company culture, and figuring out how to keep employees enthusiastic and excited to clock in every day. It can be easy for company values to get lost… read more

  • [Infographic] 2017 Holiday Hiring Guide - Olivia Dello Buono

    How does your holiday hiring strategy stack up against today’s seasonal workforce trends? We surveyed 3,000 hourly employers, job seekers and seasonal workers to get a pulse on holiday hiring trends for 2017. What we found could give you a serious competitive edge when it comes to recruiting.   Download infographic  

  • Seasonal hiring checklist for small business owners - Imani Holmes

    Staying organized and ahead of your hourly hiring needs is important, especially when you’re staffing up on seasonal employees. Before a new season begins, there are a few steps you can take to set your small business up for success and make the transition easier for you and your team. Download Snagajob’s free “Seasonal hiring… read more

  • Give your company culture a seasonal boost - Imani Holmes

    It’s that’s time of year again when you should start thinking hiring for the new season. For a lot of employers, the end of summer means turnover and prepping for new workers—it also means you have a chance to take a look at your company culture.   It can be easy for company values to… read more

  • Recruiting Millennial Workers: 5 Ways To Attract and Engage Millennials - Olivia Dello Buono

    Millennials make up a huge percentage of the U.S. workforce—about 1 in 3 workers today falls into this age group. And millennial employees are even more prevalent in hourly workforces. In fact, more than half of Snagajob’s 80 million registered hourly workers are millennials. With that number continuing to grow, smart employers know that attracting and empowering millennial… read more

  • 5 things employees want (other than more money) - Kim Costa

    Here’s something we hear from employers all the time: I can’t raise my wages, but what else can I do to get my employees to stick around? Obviously your employees would love a raise, but we find that most will understand if you can’t make that happen. However, the hiring market is tough right now…. read more

  • Danny Meyer’s Hospitality Quotient: 6 Proven Traits of High-Performing Employees - Liz Dillon

    If skills were all it took be a great service-industry employee, the hiring process would be easy. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than just ability to do a job well. In his keynote at Snagajob’s recent HourMinds conference, restaurateur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group Danny Meyer — the man behind legendary brands… read more

  • Performance Review Examples - Kim Costa

    It’s review time, and many managers find themselves putting them off until the last minute. Reviews don’t have to be scary, they serve an important purpose: motivating great team members and lackluster employees alike to hit a higher level of performance while weeding out those who are not doing their job. Instead of fleeing the country, take advantage… read more