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  • High Hospitality Quotient Hiring: 3 Tips on How to Hire like Danny Meyer - Liz Dillon

    Hiring for High Hospitality Quotient You probably know the name Danny Meyer. And if you don’t, you’ve undoubtedly heard of his brands. So when the founder and CEO of Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe, Marta, The Modern and more shared some of his secrets to success at Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference earlier this year — including hiring for… read more

  • Danny Meyer’s Hospitality Quotient: 6 Proven Traits of High-Performing Employees - Liz Dillon

    If skills were all it took be a great service-industry employee, the hiring process would be easy. Unfortunately, it takes a lot more than just ability to do a job well. In his keynote at Snagajob’s recent HourMinds conference, restaurateur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group Danny Meyer — the man behind legendary brands… read more

  • How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Employees without Burning Them Out - Liz Dillon

    With 30+ years of experience researching, studying, speaking and writing about employee engagement and workplace culture, Eric Chester knows your workforce. Discover the practices and principles that Best Places to Work award-winning companies and great leaders are using to ignite “on-fire performance” and go beyond merely engaging today’s rapidly changing workforce.   Watch the on-demand… read more

  • Secrets to Building an Exceptional Employee Experience in the Social Age - Liz Dillon

    By 2020, Millennials will make up more than 75% of the U.S. workforce. With employee turnover at all-time highs and brand engagement in jeopardy, HR leaders can’t afford to ignore the importance of creating an exceptional employee experience. At Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference, engagement guru and self-proclaimed ‘Culture Geek’ Mike Ganino distills the truths from the myths about your Millennial… read more

  • Restaurant Recruiting and Retention Tips from Sonic and Buffalo Wild Wings - Liz Dillon

    How can restaurant brands stand out to great hourly and salaried applicants? We dissect what makes a winning recruiting strategy by combining the latest industry data with insights from two restaurant brands that are getting it right in the ‘Winning in the Restaurant World’ session at HourMinds 2017. Watch the on-demand recording now for a dynamic panel… read more

  • Science of Salaried Recruiting: What Makes Candidates Click - Liz Dillon

    What are best-in-class brands doing to stand out to the best above-store talent? We asked some of the best Recruiting and HR industry veterans what’s working—and what they learned that doesn’t—in our “Science of Salaried Recruiting: Understanding What Makes Salaried Candidates Click” session at Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference. Watch our on-demand recording now to hear… read more

  • Disrupting Ourselves—Keynote from Care.com’s Sheila Marcelo - Liz Dillon

    As founder and CEO of Care.com—the world’s largest online marketplace for finding and managing family care—Sheila Lirio Marcelo understands the value of supporting the needs of your employees and their families.   Watch the on-demand recording now of Sheila’s keynote, “Disrupting Ourselves: Reimagining the role of employers in the future of work”, from Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference to: Hear… read more

  • HourMinds 2017: Top 5 Takeaways for HR Leaders & Recruiters - Liz Dillon

    HourMinds 2017 is a wrap, and we’re still reeling from this year’s amazing lineup of brand leaders, thought leaders and content. More than 300 of the industry’s leading HR, Recruiting and Talent Management experts came together in Charleston, SC for Snagajob’s can’t-miss annual conference on the biggest hourly workforce trends, best practices and next-generation ideas.   If you… read more

  • HourMinds 2017: Top 5 Takeaways for Every Owner/Operator - Liz Dillon

    We just wrapped up HourMinds 2017 and are still buzzing from all of the great content, conversations and FUN from Snagajob’s annual industry conference.   If you couldn’t make it to Charleston for this year’s event—or even if you did and you couldn’t make every session you wanted!—we’ve compiled three days, 10+ hours and 25… read more

  • [HourMinds 2017] Snagajob Keynote Address - Liz Dillon

    Watch the on-demand recording now of Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 keynote address now to hear from Snagajob executives, customers and team members on our company journey and its vision for today, tomorrow and beyond.