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  • [Infographic] Gen Z: Meet the new hourly workforce - Imani Holmes

    What makes Generation Z workers different than the hourly workers who came before? Currently making up 1 in 5 of today’s hourly workforce, Gen Z is ready, and very willing, to get to work. See how you can prepare your business to succeed with this next generation of workers.   Download infographic  

  • Give your company culture a checkup - Imani Holmes

    For a lot of employers, maintaining a successful business requires research, planning and rounding out their staff with great hires. It also means taking a closer look at company culture, and figuring out how to keep employees enthusiastic and excited to clock in every day. It can be easy for company values to get lost… read more

  • 5 customer service skills every hospitality worker needs - Imani Holmes

    What matters most when you’re hiring for your hospitality brand? As you build your “A” team, it’s important to consider who will interact with your customers the best. Your customer are essential to your business. A great experience with your brand is a priority. It increases customer loyalty and helps your business grow, boosting your reputation. Hiring employees with great customer service… read more

  • Get social with job seekers: 4 creative ways to recruit on social media - Imani Holmes

    When it comes to hiring, 57% of employers list finding quality candidates as their #1 hiring challenge. It’s no wonder why business owners are always looking for new hiring solutions! Of all the available options, there is one solution you might not be considering: social media. Social media tips for your business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and… read more

  • Give your company culture a seasonal boost - Imani Holmes

    It’s that’s time of year again when you should start thinking hiring for the new season. For a lot of employers, the end of summer means turnover and prepping for new workers—it also means you have a chance to take a look at your company culture.   It can be easy for company values to… read more

  • Hiring students? Do these 4 things - Imani Holmes

    According to recent Snagajob research, nearly 60% of hourly workers have a passion outside of work–a third of which are pursuing an education. This isn’t exactly surprising―many students jump at the opportunity to make a little spending money and get experience in a work environment, even if it’s just after school or during the summer. Statistically… read more

  • High Hospitality Quotient Hiring: 3 Tips on How to Hire like Danny Meyer - Liz Dillon

    Hiring for High Hospitality Quotient You probably know the name Danny Meyer. And if you don’t, you’ve undoubtedly heard of his brands. So when the founder and CEO of Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe, Marta, The Modern and more shared some of his secrets to success at Snagajob’s HourMinds 2017 conference earlier this year — including hiring for… read more

  • HourMinds 2017: Top 5 Takeaways for HR Leaders & Recruiters - Liz Dillon

    HourMinds 2017 is a wrap, and we’re still reeling from this year’s amazing lineup of brand leaders, thought leaders and content. More than 300 of the industry’s leading HR, Recruiting and Talent Management experts came together in Charleston, SC for Snagajob’s can’t-miss annual conference on the biggest hourly workforce trends, best practices and next-generation ideas.   If you… read more

  • [Webinar] Supercharge Your Candidate Experience - Liz Dillon

        Hourly Job Seekers’ Hiring Expectations & How to Exceed Them to Win Over the Best Talent Creating a seamless, “wow” experience for candidates gives you a competitive edge in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market. But what are hourly job seekers’ expectations? And what can you do right now to exceed them and win over… read more

  • 2017 Recruitment Guide: What Works Right Now - Liz Dillon

    What are the industry’s best brands doing right now to attract the best workers? How do your 2017 recruitment strategies compare to what today’s hourly job seekers really care about? Download our free Ultimate 2017 Recruitment Guide eBook now to find out what 3,000+ industry job seekers and employers told us about their recruiting and hiring right… read more