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  • 5 tips for maximizing your employee schedule - Imani Holmes

    Creating an employee schedule is an essential part of running your business. But for a lot of employers, the process can be time consuming, disorganized and sometimes just plain aggravating. Shift scheduling can be frustrating for your workers as well, since they want a job with a flexible schedule. In 2016, Snagajob surveyed employers to better understand how… read more

  • 5 things employees want (other than more money) - Kim Costa

    Here’s something we hear from employers all the time: I can’t raise my wages, but what else can I do to get my employees to stick around? Obviously your employees would love a raise, but we find that most will understand if you can’t make that happen. However, the hiring market is tough right now…. read more

  • Performance Review Examples - Kim Costa

    It’s review time, and many managers find themselves putting them off until the last minute. Reviews don’t have to be scary, they serve an important purpose: motivating great team members and lackluster employees alike to hit a higher level of performance while weeding out those who are not doing their job. Instead of fleeing the country, take advantage… read more

  • How to retain employees - Kim Costa

    Now that you have an awesome team in place, it’s time to start thinking about how to retain employees. Turnover is not only expensive, but it also impacts productivity and employee satisfaction. Having a solid employee retention plan in place will ensure you keep the rockstar employees you don’t want to leave. Try out these… read more

  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Offer Your Employees a Retirement Plan - Jenny Lewandowski

    According to estimates from AARP’s Public Policy Institute, workers are roughly fifteen times more likely to save for retirement if their employer offers retirement benefits. But as a small business, offering retirement benefits often feels out of reach. Thin margins and tight balance sheets can squeeze your benefits decision to offering either health insurance or… read more

  • How Starbucks conquered employee turnover - Ashley Robinson

    What’s the key to beating employee turnover? It seems Starbucks may have found it. While most quick-serve restaurants range between 150-400 percent turnover, Starbucks is at an astounding 65 percent, according to QSR magazine. So how do they do it? Know employee retention starts early The hiring process, especially the interview stage, is a two-way… read more

  • Performance Appraisal Phrases: The Dos and Don’ts - Arthur McKey

    Let’s face it, when it comes to management, there are few more stressful tasks than the performance appraisal. During an appraisal, the role of a great manager is to navigate the fine line between praising an employee’s success and critiquing/presenting recommendations on their weaker areas of performance. No simple feat, to say the least. However,… read more

  • Employee happiness: Four statistics & how to implement them - Guest Blogger

    Employee happiness is an increasingly important aspect of the modern workplace. Cultivating a company culture, offering remote work and making healthy options available to your employees is proven to improve a company’s bottom line by a staggering amount. Companies with happier employees outperform competition by an average of 20%. How do you go about making… read more

  • 13 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity - Guest Blogger

    How do your hourly employees feel about their workplace? Are they happy and engaged? Or are they just putting in their time? When employee morale is low, productivity suffers. But that’s not the worst of it. Your company’s revenues and reputation are also at stake because work slumps can quickly give way to slumping sales. Happy employees, on… read more

  • Performance review phrases - Kim Costa

    Ah, the performance review. It’s an opportunity for a supervisor to meet with an employee and discuss job performance, policies, expectations and room for improvement. At their best, performance reviews are productive, inspiring employees to achieve their goals and support an organization’s priorities. At their worst, they can devolve into tit-for-tat arguments that actually do more harm… read more