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  • [Webinar] Supercharge Your Candidate Experience - Liz Dillon

        Hourly Job Seekers’ Hiring Expectations & How to Exceed Them to Win Over the Best Talent Creating a seamless, “wow” experience for candidates gives you a competitive edge in today’s hyper-competitive hiring market. But what are hourly job seekers’ expectations? And what can you do right now to exceed them and win over… read more

  • [Infographic] January Job Seeker Trends - Liz Dillon

    January is an employer’s job market. Each new year, an influx of new applicants enters the job marketplace—meaning now is the best time to post your jobs and fill any open positions expected over the next few months. View our infographic below for compelling proof on why January is a small window for a big hiring opportunity. Our team analyzed… read more

  • Part II: How your restaurant can keep its great employees - Susan Stavitzski

    Restaurant businesses across the country, quick-service and otherwise, are getting on board with Snagajob daily. Often we hear them say they’d really like to be able to hire people away from [insert name of restaurant with a reputation for having great employees here]. If your restaurant has hiring envy, and you want to be able… read more

  • 3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Employee Application Form - Susan Stavitzski

    Hiring the right person is the important first step to having a happy employee and retaining great staff. The job application form is one of the most important tools available as you take that first step in the hiring process, yet many hiring managers are still using a standardized application form for every new job… read more

  • The job board’s place in social recruiting - Imani Holmes

    Social recruiting is taking over the world! Job boards are dead! Say ‘no’ to job boards! False on all fronts. Whenever a new trend delivers success, it’s tempting to shift all of your resources in that direction. But the reality of recruiting is that your needs are diverse and you’ll need a mix of channels… read more

  • Is social recruiting right for you? - Imani Holmes

    Social media recruiting is enjoying its day in the sun as the newest trend. Some companies have found tremendous success taking to social networks to find and attract new talent, and their success is fueling others to feel like they’ll be left behind if they don’t shift their recruiting resources to social platforms. But social… read more

  • Summer hiring survey indicates an increase in hiring - Imani Holmes

      The summer hiring season is fast approaching and for the sixth year in a row Snagajob has surveyed hiring managers to get a better look at expected summer job trends. A summary of the results provides a glimpse into what looks like one of the best summer hiring seasons since we first started collecting… read more

  • Hiring tips, courtesy of Rachel - Susan Stavitzski

      At Snagajob, we love getting positive testimonials from hourly workers who have been hired by an employer that posted on Snagajob.com. Knowing we helped someone find their right-fit position is the best news we can receive from a job seeker. These testimonials not only provide great advice to other job seekers, they can also… read more

  • If you promote from within, why aren’t you promoting that? - Susan Stavitzski

    Every quarter, Snagajob surveys our employers to get insight into a pressing question or hot hourly trend. This quarter, we asked our employers about their promotion and retention strategies and we stumbled upon an interesting situation. Nearly 80 percent of employers told us that they have a policy in place to promote from within. When… read more

  • The quickest way to repel job seekers - Imani Holmes

    If you don’t want job seekers to apply to your open positions, make sure you craft vague job descriptions. Job descriptions are one of the first pieces of information a job seeker will receive about your brand and your open positions, so if you drone on about things that don’t matter, don’t provide enough information… read more