Chick-fil-A Director of Quality job in Goldsboro, NC

Job Title
Director of Quality
Job Type
To be discussed
Est. Wages
$7.76 to $9.88 per hour (Snag Est. )
1201 N Berkeley Blvd
Goldsboro, NC 27534
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+30 days

Director of Quality

Role Summary:

The Director of Quality serves as guardian over this critical success factor on our executive team as a forward thinking-partner who is focused on leading the Operational Excellence pillar of the Creating Raving Fans Strategy in the Back of House. The Director of Quality is responsible for working with the Kitchen Director and entire Kitchen Team to ensure the total quality of kitchen production and its interaction with Catering, Front Counter and Drive-Thru. This director will work with the Kitchen Director to foster kitchen team unity and delivers the highest quality products by meeting Chick-fil-A standards (requirements), while controlling costs.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the development of Back of House Leaders, and Training Coaches with the use of eTrain
  • Provide vision and accountability for Operational Excellence to kitchen team members
  • Post Written Monthly Quality Goals & Tracks Results
  • Communicate effectively and timely with kitchen staff and leadership
  • Report eRQA scores at Leadership Meetings
  • Work on the floor and run breaks during shifts (if not handed off to supervisors)
  • Ensure kitchen/restaurant is opened/closed properly
  • Verify chicken rotation is followed(including chicken tracking system)
  • Verify chicken cool down process
  • Oversee CFA Anywhere orders collaborate with Leadership and delivery drivers to ensure quality catering
  • Verify all policies and Quality/Standards are upheld
  • Verify Restaurant adheres to Vendor check-in policy
  • Ensure Team Members adhere to holding times and timers for all food products
  • Ensure eRQA program is fully implemented daily
  • Follow up on eRQA, and ROE scores and track trends
  • Check temperatures of freezer and refrigerators regularly during shifts
  • Follow up on health inspection findings, and implement necessary changes
  • Oversee administration of the INFORM inventory management processes
  • Manage equipment repair and maintenance schedule along with the Kitchen Director
  • Verify with Kitchen Director that there is a rigorous cleaning schedule for kitchen area equipment (vent hoods, etc)
  • Ensure all tools are available and maintained to meet requirements (Smallwares & Knives)
  • HACCP Plan for chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Maintain Kay chemical station or other cleaning chemicals programs
  • Communicate training needs and progress to Training Director
  • Work with Training Director to create implementation plan for new product rollouts
  • Work with Kitchen Director to help identify and certify kitchen trainers (Boards, Breading, Adv. & Basic Food prep)
  • Strategically partner with the RMD to ensure our unique asset of FOOD is fully leveraged
  • Ensure Profitability by Monitoring Costs: Food cost, Paper cost, Labor cost
  • Create culture of "continuous improvement" in kitchen (no shortcuts)
  • Communicate operational improvement ideas to Operator/Field Consultant/corporate office
  • Engage in regular best practice visits to other Restaurants
  • Receive Steritech quarterly report and diagnose areas for improvement
  • Track speed of service reports to determine areas for improvement
  • Food recalls (as communicated by the home office)
  • Meet weekly with Directors as strategic partner

Benchmarks & Accomplishments:

  • Certification in all eTrain modules
  • Recipe for Service Training
  • ServSafe Certification
  • HPLT


  • BA/BS degree or higher
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Publisher or equivalent design program

Leadership Skills

  • Must possess leadership traits that Chick-fil-A seeks in future Operators.
  • character – aligns with Chick-fil-A values
  • chemistry – relationship builder, coaches others to perform
  • competency – results oriented, a systems thinker, a quick study, activator
  • Servant Leader, team oriented with a passion for people and excellence
  • Well organized Director with excellent verbal, written and electronic communications skills

Additional Info

Minimum Age
21+ years old

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Posted: 2018-08-29

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