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Carson Manufacturing Company
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5451 North Rural Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220


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The Custodian is responsible for ensuring a clean, safe and well maintained building and production facility.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Ensures the restrooms are clean and maintained by cleaning the sinks, toilets, floors, door handles, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser, and mirrors.  Ensures supplies such as toilet paper and hand soap are replenished.
  2. Removes trash from production floor, office, restrooms, and break areas.
  3. Maintains a clean break room by cleaning tables, microwaves, sinks and refrigerators.
  4. Oversees a clean and pleasing lobby by cleaning all glass, door handles, mopping the floors, dusting walls and tables, and cleaning chairs.
  5. Vacuums all carpeted areas.
  6. Dry sweeps the production floor.
  7. Maintains clean offices, conference rooms and other common areas such as hallways by dusting surfaces.
  8. Cleans all windows and glass.
  9. Organizes and submits request to purchasing for cleaning supplies utilizing FIFO principles.
  10. Cleans the outside employee break areas by cleaning the picnic tables, emptying ah trays, and sweeping dirt and trash.
  11. Ensures dock areas are clean by blowing dust and dirt from the dock as needed.
  12. Maintains all recycling product by separating materials in the recycling area, weighs buckets for solder dross, gathers metal, aluminum, PC boards, copper wires, plastic skids, etc.   This position is responsible for communicating to technicians and purchasing when material is ready for recycling.
  13. Maintains trade show booth by conducting repairs, as well as storing and cleaning the booth.


Additional responsibilities may include:

  1. Light building maintenance such as waxing floors, changing light bulbs/ballasts, exterior building upkeep (grass mowing, interior/exterior painting).
  2. Light preventive maintenance on production equipment such as changing belts, oil/grease when required, cleaning/painting production equipment, maintaining records.



Day hours -no nights or weekends.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Approximately 20 hours/week.



This position is not benefit eligible.


Additional Info:

Electrical and Mechanical experience preferred.

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English (United States)
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