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Waffle House
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I-85 & Hwy 53
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PURPOSE AND NATURE OF THE JOB To ensure total Customer satisfaction and provide friendly, courteous, and efficient service.

SPECIFIC RESPONSIBILITIES Greeting Customers, taking orders, writing up and totaling orders, calling out orders to Grill Operator, picking up and delivering orders to Customers, bussing tables, and washing dishes. Performs side work such as refilling salt and pepper shakers, sugar, napkins and condiments. Cleans all areas used including silverware holders and pie racks.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS DESCRIPTION OF MACHINES, TOOLS, EQUIPMENT, AND WORK AIDS USED Dishwasher, towels, broom, dust-pan, mop, pens/pads, window cleaner, cash register, coffee machine, soda dispensers, refrigerators, squeegee, steam tables, telephone.

SKILLS NEEDED * A working understanding of the English language sufficient to allow for the service of English-speaking Customers and the communication of necessary information with other Associates. * Reading, writing, math skills, memory and organizational skills

WORK ENVIRONMENT * Primary Work Site: Inside - 99%. * Hazards: Wet floors, hot oil, burns from equipment, possible loose wires - electrical shock. * Air Quality Factors: Food odors, fumes from cleaning supplies, gasses from gas burners, mist from dishwasher machine. * Work Surface: Even, flat and hard. May be dry, wet or greasy on occasion.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS * Mobility Factors: Walking - 100% * Primary Work Position: Standing - You must be able to remain on your feet for the entire shift, if necessary. * Work Position Factors: Standing - 95%, Sitting - 1%, Crouching - 2%, Kneeling - 2%.

SPECIFIC MOVEMENTS Trunk Requirements: * Bending: Constantly * Twisting/Rotating: Frequently Arm Requirements: * Reaching: Constantly * Working with Arms Extended: Constantly * Working with Arms Bent: Constantly * Carrying: Constantly - Maximum of 35 pounds * Pushing/Pulling: Constantly-Maximum of 1-6 lbs. * Twisting/Rotating Arms: Constantly * Lifting from Floor to Waist: Occasionally-Maximum-35 lbs * Lifting from Waist to Overhead: Constantly - Maximum 35 pounds * Lifting Horizontally: Constantly - Maximum - 35 pounds Leg Requirements: * Lifting: Occasionally - Maximum - 35 lbs * Balance: Constantly * Twisting/Rotating Legs: Constantly * Use of Foot Controls: - Constantly Hand Requirements: * Gross Dexterity: Constantly * Finger Dexterity: Constantly * Grasping/Manipulation: Constantly * Speed Required: Dependent upon volume of business * Bilateral Coordination: Constantly * Eye/Hand Coordination: Constantly Visual and Auditory Requirements: * Visual Sense: Required * Auditory Sense: Required

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18+ years old

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Hillcrest Foods, Inc.

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