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Argo Tea
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Barista - Part Time or Full Time
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Full-time, Part-time
16 W Randolph St
Chicago, IL 60601
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Barista - Part Time or Full Time

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We have a full-time/part-time opening for a Barista

Must be able to work various shifts per week.


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Argo Tea is quickly becoming a household name, with over 42 locations across the US and internationally, since opening our first cafe in 2003. Recognized in a New York Times feature article as a "distinctive brand that has captured the palate of young professionals," our offerings include all natural tea-based signature drinks and a line of ready-to-drink bottled beverages that can also be found in our cafés as well as in the finest grocery retailers across the country. Founded and headquartered in Chicago, IL, we have cafés in Chicago, New York, Virginia and many other cities in the United States and internationally. We have retail partners across the globe, and our products are available for distribution in foodservice, retail and hospitality companies.

We are passionate about bringing teas directly from growers around the world and blending them into unique and delicious signature beverages and teas. We are committed to being a sustainable business by working with the best local and global tea, coffee, and food artisans and by contributing back to our communities to promote a healthy lifestyle and the conservation of natural resources. We are dedicated to delivering consistent quality and a genuine customer experience "one customer and one cup at a time" and to providing the "Argo experience" through our innovative approach of rediscovering the diversity and tradition of teas. We promote diversity by empowering our employees and leveraging our customers' feedback, which together results in the best products, people, and business.

Position Summary: An Argo Barista and Team Leader are key participants in an energetic TEAm of tea and food enthusiasts who are committed to HospitaliTea, QualiTea, and ResponsibiliTea!  Argo Baristas and Team Leaders are energetic, responsible, attentive, passionate, and communicative.  They display these QualiTeas by setting the vibrant vibe of the café, confidently and positively sharing and imparting their passion for the Argo brand with all customers.  Argo Baristas and Team Leaders  are our brand ambassadors who forge positive relationships with customers and fellow TeaMembers, creating a warm and welcoming environment that fosters community involvement and encourages customers to return frequently. 


Key ResponsibiliTeas:

Radiating Positive Energy and ResponsibiliTea by:

  • Acknowledging and welcome each customer with a  friendly smile and guiding each customer through the Argo Signature Service experience (including by not limited to: sampling of products, menu introductions and explanations, making eye contact with guests when preparing and serving food and drinks, etc.)
  • Providing a fun, memorable and efficient experience for each customer, while educating them on the nutritional benefits and flavor profiles of each of our signature drinks, tea varietals and food items, one cup at a time!
  • Maintaining a calm demeanor during periods of high volume or unusual events to keep store operating to standard and to set a positive example for the team
  • Passionately producing food displays with flair that accurately and elegantly showcase our selection of fresh baked pastries, sandwiches and food goods.
  • Maintaining the freshness of all Argo food products by following Argo’s product shelf life standards and par baking techniques. 
  • Following Department of Health, safety and sanitation guidelines for all foods and beverages (maintains a clean bar and food prep station).
  • Learning and following Argo Tea’s cash control policies and proper cash handling guidelines.


Demonstrating a Commitment to Attentiveness and Passion by:

  • Respecting customers by exhibiting a sense of urgency and working quickly with purpose, always one customer, one cup at a time!
  • Helping to create and maintain a clean, inviting and vibrant environment for Argo customers and fellow TeaMembers (duties include but are not limited to: sweeping/mopping/sanitizing/keeping the bathrooms clean/maintaining clean retail, counter and display cases, etc.)
  • Exuding warmth and confidence when approaching and educating each customer.  Quickly and calmly resolving any issues directly with guests who are unhappy with their food and/or drink selection.
  • Preparing all drink and food items while maintaining a high level of standards, following Argo product preparation and serving techniques, and recipe and measurement guidelines.
  • Keeping up to date on and promoting all product information, communications, advertising, focuses and goals.
  • Assisting in welcoming and familiarizing new TeaMembers with the café; modeling the behavior expected from fellow TeaMembers, while continuing to promote the customs and principles of Argo Tea.


Establishing Open Communication by:

  • Genuinely thanking and appreciating each customer who enters the café
  • Maintaining a positive environment for customers and fellow TeaMembers.
  • Identifying each customer’s interests by guiding them through the ordering process, offering samples and actively listening in order to pair a customer’s tastes with a matching Argo drink and food item.
  • Contributing to positive TEAmwork by communicating effectively, respectfully and professionally with all Argo TeaMembers and customers.
  • Arriving to work punctually, following proper uniform and personal hygiene guidelines.
  • Upholding and following all Handbook guidelines while supporting good morale and TEAm spirit.
  • Possessing a complete understanding of company policies, philosophy and passion.



NOTE: This job description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an employee in this job. Associates are required to perform other related functions as assigned.

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma or GED preferred
  • Previous retail sales, restaurant or food service experience preferred with strong emphasis on safe and speedy food and drink preparation, and hospitable service.
  • 25-40 hours week minimum availability commitment with a flexibility to work opening or closing shifts as needed.  (café hours vary depending on location but can run between 5am-11pm Monday-Sunday)
  • Friendly/approachable demeanor, strong communication and people skills, problem solving and creative skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, ability to multi-task.
  • Knowledge of customer service techniques and high quality consciousness
  • Effective communication, problem solving and creative skills; desire to contribute with innovative ideas
  • Willingness to travel to events throughout the city and surrounding suburbs to work as an Argo Ambassador (as needed).
  • Willingness to embrace and support the Argo values of SustainabiliTea, CreativiTea, QualiTea, CommuniTea, DiversiTea, and ChariTea!

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