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Shift Supervisor - Full Time
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Shift Supervisor - Full Time

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Position Summary: An Argo Team Leader is dedicated to keeping the team focused and engaged in operating the shift and ensuring the café operations run smoothly.  Argo Team Leaders exhibit leadership skills that are essential to inspire the store TEAm to do a great job and love where they work.  They are an essential part of the management TEAm in the store and work in partnership with the Assistant Store Leader and Store Leader to obtain store results.  ResponsibiliTeas are categorized in five key areas of management – being a great Operator, Leader, Merchant, Entrepreneur, and Communicator. 


Key ResponsibiliTeas:



  • Demonstrates the ability to observe and manage the café workflow, effectively delegate tasks and support the TEAm on every shift to expedite and enhance the Argo experience for our customers
  • Follows Argo Tea’s facilities guidelines and processes, including working with TEAms to maintain a clean, safe and comfortable environment, including reporting facilities issues that arise to the Store Leader
  • Ensures the store opens for business on time and remains ready to receive customers until posted closing time
  • Takes immediate action to address results from feedback “snapshots”
  • Has a focus on safety and sanitation throughout the cafe and addresses problem areas with a sense of urgency
  • Possesses a complete understanding of Argo products
  • Learns and follows all product (food and beverage) preparation and serving techniques, recipes and guidelines
  • Maintains the freshest products possible by following Argo’s product shelf life standards and par baking techniques
  • Enforces and follows Argo Tea’s cash control policies and ensures the TEAm follows the cash handling policy
  • Communicates any TeaMember or operational issues that occur to the Store Leader in a timely manner
  • Conducts weekly inventory counts and bi-weekly receiving of orders.  Accurately enters them into the inventory management system
  • Maintains correct levels of inventory throughout the shift, including taking initiative to ensure the store does not run out of product
  • Coordinates and maintains staffing levels during the shift, delegates tasks to the TEAm, effectively manages labor, and executes proper break periods for TeaMembers.



  • Ensures a positive work environment for all TeaMembers by soliciting feedback, listening to input, demonstrating commitment, and providing consistent communication
  • Leverages the power to “make it right” in order to ensure that every customer leaves happy
  • Motivates the TeaMembers to strive for excellence and support Argo Tea’s culture, values, and passion through positive coaching and encouragement
  • Assists in welcoming and familiarizing new TeaMembers with the café and supports the teaching and coaching of both new and veteran TeaMembers
  • Models behavior wanted from others, while continuing to promote the customs and principles of Argo Tea
  • Promotes a strong sense of TEAmwork by working effectively, respectfully, and professionally with all Argo TeaMembers. Supports the TEAm by showing a “whatever it takes” attitude
  • Upholds and follows all Handbook guidelines while supporting good morale and TEAm spirit



  • Works diligently to always “get to yes” in dealing with customer interactions by solving problems and using creative solutions to unusual requests or issues
  • Models and ensures genuine and creative Signature Service, up-selling, and cross-selling skills throughout all areas of the café
  • Shows attention to detail in ensuring the product displays are clean, organized, and stocked during their shift on every shift
  • Ensures a high impact experience by enforcing Argo’s standards of in-store pulse sampling, as well as outside sampling initiatives



  • Is passionate about what they do! Embraces and supports our values, culture and dedication to SustainailiTea, CreativiTea, QualiTea, CommuniTea, DiversiTea, and ChariTea and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Is responsible for setting sales goals for the shift, including asking questions to gain an understanding what has been done before they arrived and what they need to do to drive shift goals
  • Keeps current on and promotes all product information, communications, advertising, promotions, focuses, and goals
  • Communicates information on products and promotions to the TEAm
  • Is sales and opportunities-driven!  Assists management with marketing and sampling initiatives to increase the store’s traffic
  • Is an Argo Ambassador and participates in CommuniTea marketing programs to consistently highlight Argo as a strong brand in the neighborhood



  • Accepting of changes in authority and status, and even desire for challenge
  • Ensuring that important pieces of information are constantly being conveyed and understood by all TeaMembers
  • Seek to understand all angles. Solicit input from all TeaMembers to effectively communicate message
  • Work to clear up misunderstandings quickly and accurately to avoid conflict and confusion
  • Reinforce and recognize team member efforts to establish valued TeaMembers
  • Effectively communicate to customers and clients product knowledge and information
  • Create consistent communication with feedback and follow up towards TeaMembers


NOTE: This job description should not be construed to contain every function/responsibility that may be required to be performed by an employee in this job. Associates are required to perform other related functions as assigned.


Job Requirements:


  • High school diploma or GED preferred
  • Previous retail sales, restaurant or food service experience preferred with strong emphasis on safe and speedy food and drink preparation, and hospitable service.
  • 30 hours / 4 days a week minimum availability commitment with a flexibility to work opening or closing shifts as needed.  (café hours vary depending on location but can run between 5am-11pm Monday-Sunday)
  • Strong communication and people skills, willingness to do extra tasks to achieve better service including store maintenance, sampling indoors, outdoors and at off-site events
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, ability to multi-task
  • Willingness to travel to events throughout the city and surrounding suburbs to work as an Argo Ambassador (as needed).
  • Willingness to embrace and support the Argo values of SustainabiliTea, CreativiTea, QualiTea, CommuniTea, DiversiTea, and ChariTea!
  • Effective communication, problem solving and creative skills; desire to contribute with innovative ideas
  • Ability to give and take direction and constructive criticism
  • Ability to handle confidential and sensitive information
  • Food safety certification

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16+ years old

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