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The Learning Tree Preschool
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Full-time, Part-time
8128 S. Kedzie Avenue
Ashburn Park, IL 60652
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We have a part-time/full-time opening for a FAMILY SUPPORT SPECIALIST.

Must be able to work various shifts per week.

  • Must have 2 or more years experience.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Be authorized to work in the United States.
  • Must have reliable transportation.
  • Background check required.

Additional Info

Valid Driver’s License
Minimum Age
21+ years old


The Family Support Specialist reports directly to the Site Director. This individual will develop and maintain a heatlhy relationship with children, families, and staff and ensure that they receive comprehensive services through their participation in the program. Comprehensive services include but are not limited to:

Health and social services, disabilities, ealry care and education services, and a range of parent development training opportunities at the Site and on Home visits.

The Family Support Specialist is also repsonsible for conducting community outreach efforts to identify and develop relationships with comunity-based organizations that provide other needed services to families.

Major Responsibilities and key tasks:

-Ongoing enrollment and recruitment of new 0-3 families (go out and recruit at least 2 days per week and log recruitment efforts)

Develop and mainatain a meaningful and productive relationship with families.

Conduct periodic home visits to build relationships with families, to better understand family context, resources and needs, and to provide support to families.

Assist parents with understanding, creating and implementing The Individual Family Support Plan in order to encourage and promote their overall development including achievement or self-sufficiency as well as positive development outcomes for their children.

Work in collaboration with Education and other staff and directly with 0-3 parents to promote parental suceess in three primary areas:

1). Building parents knowledge of child development.

2). Supporting positive parent child interactions and relatioships.

3). Promoting the parents role as first teachers and advocate for their child's education.

-Create opportunities to observe one on one all children 0-3 for an hour a day and create a full report for Director at the end of the week and Parent at the end of the month. Opportunities to observe mean that the FSS is to plan, implement, execute a well thorough activity plan to conduct with child one on one during observation time.

Create and maintain a working up to date Community Resource Directory.

Refer and link children and families to needed services.

Work in collaboration with other staff and consultants to monitor, track and coordinate services for children and parents.

-Communicate with education staff regarding infants' and toddlers' progress in the classroom.  Set up monthly appointments with each family to talk about child's progress, concerns, update of family information, referrals, etc.,

Create a monthly newsltetter and calendar.

Be responsible to update all social media platforms such as facebook and Shutterfly.

Collaborate with classroom staff to facilitate classroom transitions.

Plan, implement and execute ideas, activities, events and strategies to increase Parent Involvement in all classrooms 0-3.

Plan parent child activities, encourage parent involvement and participation in program activities and obtain feedback from parents regarding the level of satisfaction with the services they receive.

Participate and present in all parent and staff meetings as well as all required and mandatory partnership workshops.

Ensure and follow-up on all Health and Nutrition needs for al children 0-3 and make sure proper follow-up is done with families and reported to administration.  Maintain up to date health records.

Implement protocols to follow up with absenteeism.

In collaboration with fiscal clerks, encourage families to pay chaild care copayments on time between 1-5 of the month.

Maintain enrollment throughout the program year and through various recruitment strategies targeted to children and families most at risk including children with disabilities.

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