Denny's General Manager Feast American Diners, LLC job in Phoenix, AZ

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General Manager Feast American Diners, LLC
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Full-time, Part-time
4120 North 51st Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85031
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General Manager Feast American Diners, LLC

Reporting to the District Manager, the General Manager will be responsible for overall restaurant operations execution and management of staff, controllable profit plan achievement, guest count growth, and sales building activities. Additional responsibilities include focus on employee selection, retention, continuous operational improvement, and a strong commitment to hospitality and guest satisfaction. General Managers must have a strong commitment to and exhibit Denny’s Guiding Principles when interacting with others.

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Job Requirements
Job Responsibilities

These are areas of performance in which the General Manager must be successful to meet their

1. Guests: Makes sure that all Restaurant Managers and employees put “Guests First” to ensure a
respectful and enjoyable environment, satisfied guests, and repeat business.

2. People: Attracts, hires, develops, coaches, and retains Restaurant Managers and hourly
employees to ensure an engaged, high-performing team. Does so by:
• Working to create and maintain a respectful and enjoyable environment for our employees.
• Recruiting and selecting effectively.
• Using corporate training programs, individual development plans, and work assignments to
develop employees’ knowledge and skills.
• Providing timely, constructive coaching and feedback.

3. Restaurant Operations: Directs restaurant operations to ensure that Denny’s Brand Standards
for food and facilities are consistently achieved. Does this by:
• Making sure food preparation, handling, and storage guidelines are consistently followed.
• Enforcing sanitary practices for the general cleanliness and maintenance of the restaurant.

4. Growth: Drives sales, guest count, and profit for the restaurant by:
• Developing and executing a local store marketing plan.
• Building strategic relationships in the community with civic, business, school, and
professional organizations.
• Ensuring timely and quality implementation of all Divisional and National marketing
promotions and co-op marketing initiatives.

5. Financials: Interprets financial and operational reports and schedules; analyzes data and
identifies gaps in operating performance; and develops solutions to ensure that operating goals
are achieved.

6. Security: Monitors to ensure that proper security procedures are in place to protect guests,
employees, and company assets.

7. Asset Management: Monitors to ensure that proper cash handling and inventory management
procedures are in place to protect and conserve company assets.

8. Compliance: Maintains compliance with all Denny’s employment policies, as well as state, local,
and federal regulations.

9. Problem Resolution: Proactively ensures that problems are addressed and resolved (such as
customer complaints, employee relations issues, facilities or security issues, etc.). Involves
support resources, such as the District Manager or Human Resources Manager, as appropriate.

10. Teamwork: Performs other duties as needed or assigned; willingly assists others without being


1. Focusing on Guests: Has a "Guests First" mindset. Understands who his/her guests are and is
dedicated to exceeding their expectations. Puts guests firsts while balancing the needs and
priorities of the business to create win/win solutions.

2. Driving for Results: Is "Hungry To Win" for self, team, and Brand. Pushes self and others for
results that move the business forward. Can be counted on to meet or exceed goals

3. Working Collaboratively: Values and lives the "Power of We" through words and actions. Works
well with all people – guests, franchisees, support employees, supervisors, subordinates, peers,
vendors, etc. Is able to build and effectively manage productive relationships. Recognizes
individual's contributions and works with and through others to achieve common goals.

4. Personal Accountability and Decision Making: Earns the respect and trust of others by taking
initiative and honoring commitments. Makes timely, informed decisions and owns outcomes for
those decisions. Is open to new and differing perspectives when making a decision.
Understands the impact of his/her words and actions and strives to be a positive influence on

5. Managing Talent: Understands the Denny’s family is our most important asset and sees each
member of the team as a valuable part of the whole. Surrounds self with the best team and
makes tough, yet timely and appropriate, people decisions. Provides effective, timely feedback
and coaching. Selects strong, competent candidates and is able to develop strong leaders by
providing challenging assignments.

6. Leadership Courage: Acts and leads with conviction; stands up for self and team appropriately.
Speaks up professionally and promptly to address issues and provide solutions. Gives others
direct, timely, and constructive feedback.

7. Business Acumen: Knows how the business works and how it relates to the marketplace. Open
to innovative ways to achieve solutions to move the business forward. Sees the "big picture";
understands how operational and support functions work together for the growth and success of
the business.

Additional Information
Essential Functions

1. Must be able to lift a tray weighing up to 25 lbs
2. Must be able to lift and carry supplies and equipment weighing up to 50 lbs; place items on high
and low shelves in office, store rooms, service areas, walk-in coolers, and freezers
3. Must be able to bend, stoop, reach, lift, and grasp
4. Must be able to hear well in a loud environment to respond to employee and guest needs
5. Must meet any state, county, or municipal regulation pertaining to health risk concerns about food
6. Must be able to operate point-of-sale system and differentiate between monetary denominations
7. Must be able to work with all Denny’s menu products
8. Must be able to work with potentially hazardous chemicals
9. Must have sufficient mobility to move and operate in confined work area
10. Must be able to work inside and outside the restaurant
11. Must be able to observe staff and all aspects of restaurant operations
12. Must be able to stand and walk during an 8 to 10 hour shift; occasional shifts in excess of 10
hours may be required due to the demands of the business
13. Must be able to tolerate extreme temperature changes in kitchen and freezer areas

Position Qualifications

1. Minimum of 3 years experience in restaurant, hospitality, or retail management; additional
operations and/or leadership experience strongly preferred
2. Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree preferred or equivalent combination of education and
3. Food Safety Manager certification required
4. Strong organizational skills with excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to
communicate with all levels of the organization
5. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in the English language
6. Possesses basic math skills (add, subtract, multiply, divide)
7. Places a value on diversity and shows respect for others
8. Proven ability to problem solve and handle high stress situations
9. Interprets financial statements and understands contributing factors

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