Chubby's American Grill Kitchen Supervisor job in Toledo, OH

Chubby's American Grill
Job Title
Kitchen Supervisor
Job Type
Full-time, Part-time
535 W. Alexis Rd.
Toledo, OH 43612

Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Supervisor

Our Kitchen Supervisor thrives on challenges and continuously seeks out opportunities to develop staff and proactively identifies areas for potential improvement. The ideal candidate takes responsibility and accepts personal accountability in all situations throughout the restaurant, motivated to have a positive impact. This individual understands that customer satisfaction and top quality product is the top priority and realizes efficient operation of our processes is what makes it possible. Being a great asset is not just having knowledge of our menu and possessing exceptional skills, but exuding passion and the enthusiasm for each and every task. You must take pride in your abilities and be capable of infecting the entire Chubby’s team and customers with your enthusiasm.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:
- Ensures proper staffing structure by recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, and evaluating the skills of each staff member and utilizing them where most beneficial in accordance with their indicated availability.
- Manages assigned staff including scheduling-assigning work areas, directing, providing performance feedback, coaching, and discipline.
- Responsible for ongoing staff development. Identifying training needs, recording attendance, scheduling refreshers, ensuring all staff are in compliance.
- Communicates to management to ensure effective and efficient operations without issue.
- Effectively builds trust and respect among staff members and fellow management by providing clear and honest communication and feedback. Leads by example. Always assist the staff members, never ask them to complete task that you wouldn't complete or don't complete on a regular basis. Assist when necessary including taking out garbage, scrubbing floors, doing dishes. Don't leave all the grunt work for the staff. Pitch in and be a team and someone others want to follow and learn from.
- Evaluates the quality, care and morale of the staff and strives to improve these areas through solid communication, care with schedule-writing, work group leadership, etc.
Financial Responsibilities:
- Is responsible for achieving or exceeding the written restaurant budgets for the work unit (i.e., food cost, food efficiencies, labor cost and direct kitchen expenses).
- Sets operational goals and follow-up plans for the work unit. Directs and holds all work unit staff accountable for those goals.
- Assists in implementation and maintains kitchen systems.
- Assists in maintaining current kitchen schedules, staffing templates, staff files, ordering and production targets, etc.
- Ensures compliance with inventory procedures.
Operation Oversight:
- Maintains food quality standards for the restaurant. Oversees all phases of food procurement, production and service, including, inventory and ordering, storage and rotation, food preparation, recipe adherence, plate presentation, and service and production time standards.
- Conducts daily line checks, food reviews and recipes of the day. Ensures that clear feedback is provided to the entire kitchen team, FOH staff and management.
- Monitors all Commitment to Service/Mystery Guest scores, support staff visitation notes, etc. Follows up with corrective action plan.
- Responsible for managing on-going repairs, maintenance, programs, etc.
- Conducts monthly housekeeping, food safety and sanitation and facility reviews personally to improve restaurant standards of kitchen team and to correct deficiencies on a timely basis.
- Ensures the cleanliness of the kitchen by maintaining specified standards, passing Health Department geared toward perfect scores, and training staff on proper sanitation guidelines. Conducts internal audits weekly.
- Ensures staff is well versed on cross contamination, improper food handling, storage practices, etc., through proper training and supervision

This position is expected to work a minimum of 9 hours in a day but could reach 12+ as business requires. This position typically receives 1-2 days off per week, in accordance with business needs. Must have flexible availability-open, close, and weekends.

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Job Requirements
-Must be willing and able to work every position in the kitchen and perform every task and duty assigned to staff.
-Must be ServSafe certified.
-High School Diploma/GED, with 1-3 years supervisory experience, 1-3 years commercial, institutional, or food volume preparation experience, and experience preparing specialized diet meals.
-Basic to intermediate MS Word and Excel skills.
-Culinary school credentials preferred.
-Must be able to communicate both written and verbally and in public presentations
-Must be knowledgeable of meal service patterns of children zero to five years old. Must have proven, successful interpersonal relationship skills to maintain effective and satisfactory working relationships with intra-department and inter-department staff, vendors, clients, visitors, and contractors
-Ability to follow oral and written instructions with the ability to read, interpret, and present information efficiently and effectively.
-Must be able to accurately audit records and ensure compliance with written or verbal guidelines.
-Ability to take initiative, multi-task and work well under pressure.
-Must have flexible schedule able to work mornings, afternoons, nights and holidays.

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