Dunkin Donuts Baskin Robbins Baskin Robbins Cake Decorator job in KNIGHTDALE, NC

Dunkin Donuts Baskin Robbins
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Baskin Robbins Cake Decorator
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Full-time, Part-time
7137 US HWY 64 EAST

Baskin Robbins Cake Decorator

A Baskin-Robbins cake decorator is a unique individual; creative yet meticulously organized; able to work alone yet gregarious; self-motivated and cooperative; creative-approaches decorating and desserts as an art; demonstrates versatility in preparing and creating a wide variety of dessert designs and concepts; constantly seeks out and experiments with new ideas and methods; continuously sharpens their creative skills; organized-keeps supplies neatly organized and maintains adequate amounts; keeps close track of custom orders; managers their time effectively; monitors back stock and inventory control forms; dependable-satisfies all job description requirements; takes special pride and personal interest in their work; produces desserts quickly, on time and in adequate numbers; ensures that the display freezer is always full; ensures that desserts meet Baskin-Robbins’ Dessert Decorating Quality Standards (DQS); arrives at work when scheduled and takes initiative to fill in when extra help is needed; takes extra care to ensure that every custom order satisfies Guests; attention to detail-prepares desserts with straight and smooth edges and surfaces; labels cake boards properly and keeps them spotless; produces borders that are even, symmetrical and polished in appearance; routinely prepares desserts that meet Baskin-Robbins’ DQS guidelines; keeps storage areas spotless and well organized; maintains neat, current and legible inventory control forms; congenial-demonstrates extra friendliness with Guests; welcomes the opportunity to assist Guests; takes a personal interest in helping Guests decide upon special orders; shows pride in their work when assisting Guests; treats other team members with courtesy, warmth and respect.

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