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Nu Connect Group LLC
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Lifeline Agent for Nu Connect
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Part-time, Full-time
800 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Mission Statement:We are here to help. For those whose only connection to their most important things in life like family and friends, we are your Nu Connect. There is no better feeling than to give back to your own community. So you will always see us helping those that need our services. We are here to serve our community.

Opportunity: We are hiring new and experienced agents for the Los Angeles Market. Agents with any wireless retail or customer service experience is a plus. We have full time and part time positions available.

Requirements: * Applicant must have a Valid California Identification. * Applicants must pass a background check. * Applicant must pass an Assessment Test . * Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.* Applicant must be a legal U.S. Citizen.* Applicant must have access to a Smartphone.

Compensation: Full-Time Agents have two choices regarding compensation. FT Agents may choose either hourly pay at $15 hourly rate, and a $1 commission on all activations, upon meeting weekly performance quotas. FT Agents may opt to be paid a flat commission rate per unit, plus $5-$15 per upsell of any particular unit. Commission is based on the Tier that Agent reaches per week. FT Agents are expected to meet a 50 unit minimum per week. No additional compensation is offered for the upselling of Andriod or Apple outsourced phones to any hourly paid Agents. Part-Time Agents are only offered commission per unit sold, and a small bonus upon meeting weekly point quotas. Commission is based on the Tier that Agent reaches per week. Tier 1: 1-24 Units Activated= $10 Per Unit Activated* Tier 2: 25-49 Units Activated=$12 Per Unit Activated* Tier 3: 50+ Units Activated=$14 Per Unit Activated. $1 Additional for meeting metrics quota. 

Commission: Full-Time Agents' Commission quotas are based on meeting a particular number of units per category of handset, sim, etc. The following is the current Metrics Quota: 39 Free Phones, 1 BYOD Sim Card, 10 Upsales (i.e. iphone 5c, Kyocera Hydro Reach, and other makes including 5 inch ZTE). 

Full-Time Agents' Commission quotas are based on the number of Units Activated per week. See "Compensation" Section, "Tier 1,2, and 3" for Compensation details.

Part-Time Agents' Commission quotas are based on the number of Units Activated per week. Agent shall receive $1 per unit upon activating 50 or more. $2 per unit upon reaching 50 or more as a Team Lead/Manager. Schedules & Location: Full-Time is considered 36 or more hours per work week. Part Time is considered less than 36 hours per work week. Agents must commit to at least 24-35 hours per week.

Agents may choose their own hours and create their entire schedule or opt to choose one of our preset schedules that provide the assurance of a great opportunity to gain more clientele and secure longevity and continued business in the community. We shall provide you with proven methods and locations that keep you busy and a blessing to the individuals you are serving.

Agents may choose from the following full-time shifts: * 7:00am-4:00pm; 7:30am-4:30pm; 8:00am-5:00pm (Hourly Agents) * 7:00am-3:00pm; 8:00am-4:00pm; 9:00am-5:00pm (Commission Agents)Agents may choose from the following part-time shifts: * 8:00am-2:30pm; 8:30am-3:00pm, 9:00am-3:30pm; 9:30am- 4:00pm (Monday-Saturday)* 10:00am-4:00pm (Sunday)Transportation:

Added Incentives: For those Agents that do not have the luxury of having a vehicle to get them around, we have a program in place to assist agents with purchasing a new or used car. Any agent, upon meeting their minimum weekly performance quotas consecutively for any 90 day period, we shall provide up to $1,000 cash for a new car at one of our trusted Dealerships in town. If you would rather purchase a used vehicle, we would still provide you with $500 towards the down payment of any car you qualify for.

Higher Education Opportunity: Because we understand the correlation between having a good education and obtaining a great job and/or career in your future, we are prepared to offer any qualifying agent the opportunity to resume their college education by giving them $500 towards tuition and/or books for any part time agent's semester part-time enrollment. We shall also offer $1,000 towards tuition and/or books for any full time agent's semester part time enrollment. Training Provided:

A three day Training is provided to each and every Agent. We conduct these training sessions in the field with trainers who have proven techniques to help you provide the best customer service possible. Upon finishing your training, efforts are made to find you the best location and/or opportunities in and around your own community. Agent and Trainers shall visit your community in search of locations where success is more probable from studying traffic patterns and local shopping centers as well as bus and metro link stops throughout your community.

Team Lead: Any Agent willing to work hard and be a motivator to others can qualify to become a Team Lead. By recruiting new agents, you can begin to build your Team. Once you have at least 10 Agents that you have personally recruited and are performing well and meeting all of their performance quotas, you have the choice to move up as a Team Lead and double your monthly commission (override of $1 per units your recruit makes turns into $2). You can be an agent meeting your performance goals and make $2,000 plus commission a month; while also earning $1 per activation per each Recruit multiplied by as many agents as you have recruited. You can earn upwards of $2,000 per month by having only 10 recruits under your Team; not including the income Agents earn on their own activations.

Equipment: We shall provide Agents with everything needed to be successful. We include the following equipment to all Full & Part-Time Agents in the field: * 10x10 Canopy Tent. * Folding Table and 4 Chairs* Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Tub.* Royal Blue Tablecloth* Banner* Bungie Cords (2)* Clip Board* Business Cards* Receipt Book* Tablet (if Needed)** Hotspot (if Needed)*Inventory:

Agents shall be provided all of the necessary handset inventory upon completing the 3 day training session with a satisfactory performance and understanding of the process and procedures in place.

Upselling: We are one of the few Master Agents that is currently offers Lifeline with phones that have been outsourced for the sole purpose of providing customers with an alternative to the "free phone" offer every company provides. This means that a customer who has an few extra dollars to spend when apply for their "Free"Lifeline phone service, can now upgrade to a better quality phone with more advanced features and stylish model obviously attractive to more individuals. As an agent you can make a commission on the phone on top of your commission for the activation. Agents are making upwards of $20 per phone activated/upsell. Experience the Outreach:We invite you to come and meet some of our proud Team Member-Agents, Team Leads, and Trainers in the field doing what they love most... giving, helping, and proving jobs to those interested in giving back.

You shall be introduced to our most experienced Agents while identifying the ideal places to provide our service most successfully to more individuals in a 6-8 hour day. Although you shall not work with applicants while in the field observing, you are welcome to learn and analyze process and procedures as well a customer service techniques, and troubleshooting steps conducted by a Trainer. This day of "observation" is for Agents to experience the outreach that we do on a daily, and decide if this is or isn't the job for them.

Process to Apply: Send Email to the Agent who referred you to us. (If no particular agent referred you, please email us direct at Please provide your full name, address, contact number, and best time to contact you. We shall contact you within 24 hours with an interview opportunity. Upon making the cut, you shall be provided with an assessment test. Test takes approximately 1 hour to complete. It is a test mandated by Tru Connect's Lifeline Program for all Agents to pass prior to enrolling into the program.

Recruiting: A big part of this business is recruiting agents to put under you, and get compensated for each and every activation sucessfully processed and approved by the state of California. This can add up really quickly, especially if you have the knack at bringing people on to our Team. Moreover, you receive up to $500 for every agent you can bring over to our company from any competitor's company. That $500 is also offered to the agent coming on board upon meeting our weekly quota of 50 approved activations per week for a total of 4 weeks. 

Passing the Assessment Test, Agents shall a background check request email. Agents must provide all of their personal information as requested and reply back as instructed. Upon completing this process, Agents must wait approximately 48 hours for a response and clearance to move forward and obtain credentials. The whole process can take 3 to 5 business days. Send inquiries to or Contact us at: 800 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles California 90017 * Tel: 323.738.7100


  • 16 years or older
  • Legally authorized to work in the United States
  • Background check

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Posted: 2018-11-06

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