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Focus Workforce Management Maintenance Tech job in Fenton, MO

Focus Workforce Management
Job Title
Maintenance Tech
Job Type
Fenton, MO And Surrounding Area
Fenton, MO 63026
Last Active
20 days

Maintenance Tech

focus workforce management jobs

Brief Description:


Plan, schedule, and perform preventative maintenance (PM) according to manufacturer’s recommendations, and verbal and written instructions to keep machinery and equipment in good repair. Maintain and update equipment maintenance historical data. Install and maintain plumbing and piping systems for air, water, gas, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc. Examines, troubleshoots, and repairs mechanical and electrical malfunctions in production machinery and equipment.



Work Performed:


1. Performs as directed by manufacturing services manager.


2. Works with minimum supervision. Instructions and guidance provided to new employees when required, but successful candidate must learn established procedures and methods. May be required to provide technical guidance and assistance to new, less experienced, or lower pay grade maintenance personnel.


3. Generate and complete PM work orders on schedule to document equipment condition and log routine preventative maintenance task completion. Experience with Computers and Microsoft Excel Required.


4.  Update PM Database as needed to specify or change routine maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished to provide continuous performance quality, and/or to add new equipment. 


5. Examine machines for defects in operation and replace defective or worn parts, bearings, seals, gears, shafts, cylinders or other parts and sub-assemblies. Diagnoses, replaces and/or repairs electrical components, solenoids, motors, and motor controls. Inspect, sharpen, polish, and replace tooling as needed. 


6. Make necessary adjustments to insure operation in accordance with approved engineering specifications, product requirements, and national safety codes.



7. Perform maintenance work from verbal and written maintenance orders. Review facilities layout drawings, engineering drawings, exploded parts illustrations, service, repair, and operator’s manuals, parts and kit lists, electrical schematics, and other technical information for guidance in performing maintenance and repairs on machines and equipment.


8. Fabricate and/or machine equipment and machine parts as required. Obtain part to be fabricated or machined. Note material fabrication and process requirements. Set-up and operate machines incidental to fabricating or machining parts. Select proper raw materials. Set-up and operate lathes, mills, surface and pedestal grinders, drill presses, table and band saws, acetylene, arc, and electric welding equipment to machine and fabricate parts.


9. Repair or install piping and tubing systems for pneumatics, natural gas, hydraulic, lubricant, coolant, water air, acid, or other fluids. Cut, thread, flare, assemble, and braze pipe or tubing as required. Remove and repair or replace pumps, valves, pressure regulators, filters, strainers, etc.


10. Insure compatibility, performance quality, and safe proper operations of all circuits. Work with ladder diagrams and schematics to quickly locate and repair malfunctions and breakdowns in all types of industrial logic control systems.


11. Ability to troubleshoot, install, and program Automation Direct or other programmable logic controls as required is preferred.


12. May be required to perform work in other job classifications at same or lower level.


Position Specifications:


1. Requires 2 to 3 Years of solid industrial maintenance experience.


2. Strong mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills and experience.


3. Knowledge and ability to work safely with high voltage electrical systems up to 480 volts three phase, utilizing extreme care on troubleshooting and repairs where high voltages are involved.



4. Familiarity and practical experience with common equipment and all specialized skills, trades, and technologies that may be required in a manufacturing environment. Thorough working knowledge of mechanical and electrical principals and their application to the safe repair or overhaul of production machines, conveyor systems, machine tools, facilities equipment, etc.


5. Ability to read English to interpret and apply information in manufacturers drawings, specifications, parts lists, engineering drawings, schematics, operation and maintenance manuals, facilities layouts and other technical information.


6. Occasional heavy lifting and moving required.


7. Must be physically able to safely climb ladders up to 25 Feet high while carrying small tools or light equipment. Able to work safely in high places if required.


8. Knowledge and ability to safely work with and around various hazardous materials or hazardous wastes.


9. Knowledge and ability to drive powered forklift truck as needed to move or place equipment. Exercise care and caution when driving forklift or positioning equipment. Comply with safety regulations for using, working around, or operating forklift equipment.


10. Ability to quickly learn and apply new technical skills as required.


11. Ability to be flexible and accept changing business needs.


12. Co-operative team-oriented personality, able to accept disappointments for the good of the team and the company.


13. Aggressive but tactful person with ability to gain acceptance and co-operation to work well with all personalities and individuals at all levels of experience.


14. Solves problems without assigning blame.


15. Ability to perform job without risk of injury to self or others. Individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Typical Tools, Equipment, and Materials Used:


1. Mechanics’ and machinists’ hand tools, such as sockets, open end allen and pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, tin snips, pliers, files, hand saw, hack saw, clamps, knife, micrometers, vernier calipers, tri-square, tape measure, machinists’ scale, dial indicators, etc.


2. Electricians hand tools, such as insulation strippers, diagonal wire cutters, cable cutters, knife, screwdrivers, wrenches, needle nose pliers, adjustable pliers, soldering iron, volt meter, amp meter, ohm meter, etc. Owns specified hand tools and precision measuring equipment, and works with same as required.


3. Engine lathes, vertical and horizontal mills, drill press, surface and pedestal grinders, stationary and portable power saws, band saws, abrasive saws, portable power drills, hole cutters, pipe threading and cutting equipment, acetylene, arc, and electric welding equipment, gas and electric powered forklifts, scissor lift and air lift scaffolds, cranes, hoists, concrete saws, conduit punches, sand blasters, steam cleaners, air and electric operated pumps, jack hammers, conduit benders, etc.


4. Repair and replacement parts, part kits, switches, relays, electric motors, starters, lighting fixtures, light bulbs, programmable controllers, bearings, pumps, nuts, bolts, rivets, tape, thread sealant, pipe, tubing, angle iron, glue, adhesives, abrasives, coolants, lubricants, grease, cutting oils, batteries, roofing materials, welding rod, welding flux, hazardous chemicals, raw materials like wood, sheet metal, steel, cast iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, rubber, plastic, etc.


Additional Info

Minimum Age
18+ years old

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