Server Assistant

    Donovans Steak and Chop House
    570 K St, San Diego, CA
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    The server Assistant is an essential part of Donovan’s team service concept. The Server Assistant or S.A. assists the back Server and the Captain by aiding and helping to complete the tasks at hand. The S.A. must be confident in multitasking with multiple tables and work quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Constant table maintenance, communication and sense of urgency with the team are essential to provide world class service.

    Uniform Guidelines

    • Polishable dress shoes- black with slip resistant soles
    • Black Socks
    • Black Slacks
    • Black Belt
    • Blue button up shirt (issued)
    • Flashlight
    • Lighter
    • Wine key
    • Pen (blue or Black)
    • Crumber (issued)
    • Bistro Apron-black (issued)(heavy starched and creased down the center)

    Primary Responsibilities of the Server Assistant

    • BREAD: Always serve bread and butter immediately after your back waiter or captain has greeted the table and given them water service.
      - When serving bread Always make sure the bread is hot, fresh, and toasted.
    • DRINKS: If there are non-alcoholic drinks on the table your back waiter will inform you of what kind and you are responsible for retrieving refills before the glass is completely empty. This goes for water service as well (keep water levels between ½ full and ¾ full)
      • Always serve water from the right side of the guest, making sure you never back hand the guest.
      • Bring tea spoon with ice tea orders along with a lemon wedge on the rim and a sugar container with sweeteners and sugar available to the guest.
      • Be sure to bring a pitcher of ice tea to the main hutch to maintain ice tea levels.
        - Be sure not to fill the water levels to high, and never touch the water bottle to the glass.
    • MARKING: Always make sure your guests have the proper utensils and plates as needed throughout the meal.
      • Forks on the left, knifes on the right followed by soup spoons or dessert spoons when needed.
      • The Back waiter will communicate to you whether the table has appetizers, salads, soups, or straight to entrees.
        - If there is an appetizer to come first make sure everyone has an appetizer plate. If it is a seafood appetizer make sure each guest has a seafood fork, lemon wedge, and a shell bowl for the guests to discard shells.
        - You always want the bare minimum to be on the table. If a Table is going straight to entrees the guest should have 1 fork and one knife on the table. Always clear any straws, paper napkins or trash that may be lying on the table cloth.
    • RUNNING FOOD: Always help run food when hands are needed.
      • When dropping off food, always make sure you serve from the left LADIES first, in a clockwise direction.
        - Make sure you use your pivot points, starting with seat
        - Be sure not to back hand anyone.
      • Always make sure that the plate is dropped off with the meat on the right and the potato on the left.
    • CLEARING: You are responsible for clearing all plates with the help of your back waiter or captain.
      • Always clear plates from the right, ideally LADIES first.
      • Be sure not to back hand anyone.
      • When clearing plates (whether it is bread plates, appetizer plates, entrees, or desserts) ALWAYS crumb the table.
      • Never carry more than you think you can handle to avoid dropping plates.
      • Bring dishes to the dish washing station, put the forks with forks, knives with knives, app plates with app plates etc.
        - Scrap all food off of plate in to the trash can.
        - Box up food  when requested
    • COFFEE/TEA: The back waiter or captain will give you a coffee order for the table to have with desserts, the coffee order should be brought within 5 minutes of ordering.
      • You are responsible for knowing how to make all coffee orders and tea orders.
      • Make sure all coffees and teas are served to the right of the guest LADIES first.
      • Coffee is always accompanied with a sugar caddie, (with sweetener, sugar cubes and creamer) a coffee spoon, and a biscotti cookie.
        - Coffee is poured in the back and refilled at the table with a coffee pitcher.
      • Tea is always accompanied with a lemon wedge, spoon, and a sugar caddie or honey upon request.
        - Tea is poured at the table with the tea press.Z
        -Continue to serve coffee and water until last guest leave the table.
    • CLEAR/ RE-SET TABLES: You are responsible for clearing and resetting tables properly within 2 minutes of guests departure.
      • Always remove top cloth linen and dispose linen in linen bag, if the bottom cloth is soiled by water or wine, be sure to change the bottom cloth as well without exposing table underneath the linen.
      • Place roll ups in the middle of the table tight and neat, with the B&B plates on the left, and the Polished wine and water glasses on the right mirroring the position across from it.

    *BEFORE YOUR SHIFT: Always bringing required tools-Lighter, Pen & crumber (Wine Key and Flash light recommended). Always look presentable with clean, pressed shirt.

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