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This position is responsible for providing the highest quality service to customers in their store. This involves scheduling, recruiting, training, supervising, disciplining and motivation of store employees in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.Store managers are also responsible for overall store marketing and merchandising, security, stocking, inventory control, vendor control and all other duties associated with profitability of the store. The position is also responsible for maintaining and strengthening employee’s relationship to the company and for maintaining and improving the company reputation for quality, service and solutions to customer problems.


  • Maintain store environment to provide quick, convenient and friendly service to customers.
  • Maximize profitability of the store while preserving best interests of the company.
  • If location is equipped with alternate profit center(s), provide leadership that maximizes profits and complies with applicable operating guidelines. 
  • Adjust and maintain store appearance.
  • Develop and maintain a positive, professional culture in the store that promotes teamwork and satisfaction among the employees.
  • Execute and implement marketing and merchandising programs in order to increase sales.
  • Maintain accurate and timely accounting and recording of store transactions.
  • Schedule staff to maximize customer service and meet required authorized hours.
  • Develop the operational knowledge of Assistant Managers and Manager Trainee’s in order to provide candidates for open Manager positions throughout the company.
  • Follow Federal and State legal guidelines relating to store operations including hiring, firing, and wage and hour laws.  Understand and implement best practices as guided by Human Resources Department in order to interview and hire quality applicants that fit company standards.
  • Continually train and assess store employees in order to maintain smooth store operations, provide excellent customer service and improve morale among employees.
  • Conduct in-depth performance reviews once yearly and provide on-going feedback to store employees in order to improve performance. 
  • Be scheduled for a minimum of five shifts per week, with at least three scheduled during first shift. Be flexible to work all shifts, all days of the week when necessary.
  • Ensure compliance on all tobacco and alcohol policies by all store employees.
  • Accurately count, record and deposit store receipts daily.
  • Order authorized inventory in order to meet customer needs and to prevent out-of-stock situations.
  • Survey competitors and report relevant information. 
  • Proactively work to prevent theft by customers, employees and vendors. 
  • Maintain store shrink at or below established goal.
  • Maintain correct vendor protocol.
  • Initiate corrective actions for store employees as necessary in consultation with Supervisor and/or Human Resources Department.
  • Follow all company procedures and policies as set in Managers Manual and by Vice President of Operations. Promote understanding and acceptance of all company policies and procedures among store personnel. Provide feedback to executive level as it arises in order to improve company operations.
  • Cooperate and maintain open communications with all home office departments and with other store units. 
  • Complete weekly activity reports to inform Supervisor of store activities.
  • Be able to operate all store equipment and actively train store employees on correct procedures in their operation. 
  • Be able to be reached on short notice by supervisor in event of store emergency.
  • Maintain CCTV security systems.
  • Attend all Managers Meetings and participate in training sessions as required.
  • Additional duties as assigned.


  • Valid Michigan Driver's License

Education and/or Experience Required:

  • High School Diploma and at least 1 year of management experience plus post high school coursework; or a combination of education  and experience.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to move employees toward the accomplishment of time, productivity and quality goals using effective planning, organization, delegation and training techniques.
  • Must have an understanding of the importance of the cost effective management process.
  • Ability to make basic mathematical calculations to determine volume, gross profit, shrinkage, operating cost, etc.
  • Ability to professionally communicate verbally and in writing to superiors, subordinates and office staff.
  • Possess a positive attitude and willingness to support all company policies and procedures.
  • Have a working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs and/or the ability and willingness to learn how to operate company hardware and software packages efficiently.
Posting ID: 19289047 Posted: 2021-10-26 Job Title: Retail Manager Trainee