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Buffalo Wild Wings
1077 N Emerson Avenue, Greenwood, IN

Job Description

We have a part-time opening for a Cook.

Must be able to work various shifts per week.

  • Be authorized to work in the United States.

Wage: Competitive


Ready to join our Buffalo Wild Wings team?

  • Previous restaurant experience is preferred but training is provided for determined, hardworking individuals.
  • Must be committed to guest service, have a sense of urgency, good attitude and of course reliable transportation.

JOB PURPOSE: This position is responsible for the preparation and production of all Buffalo Wild Wings menu items. Several roles within this position include the Chip, Shake, Grill, Southwest, and Expo stations.


Prep and Portion

  • Ensure you are using proper containers, filling to appropriate fill lines, and following FDIR and
  • FIFO procedures
  • Portion appropriate items according to MOD’s requirements
  • Clean, sanitize, and put away prep items when finished
  • Portion appropriate items according to MOD’s requirements
  • Track all waste on Waste Sheet per Company Standard Procedures

Chip Station

  • Responsible for all preparation of fried chips, wedges, and onion rings prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant. Ensure all chip coolers are clean and free of extra debris.
  • The Chip position portions and prepares food items prior to cooking in accordance with the Chip Packaging chart.
  • Other duties include, maintaining the fryers and quality of the shortening/oil as outlined in the Fryer Rotation Chart and Shortening Management Reference Guide.
  • The Chip position is also responsible for maintaining a sanitary and clean kitchen workspace.

Grill Station

  • Grill station responsible for all preparation of grilled items prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant.
  • The Grill person portions and prepares food items prior to cooking in accordance with the Prep Sheets and Grill Station Charts.
  • Other duties include maintaining the grill and quality of the products outlined in the Prep Sheets and Grill Station Guide.
  • The Grill Station is also responsible for maintaining a sanitary and clean kitchen work station.

Shake Station

  • Ensure all sauce pumps are cleaned, filled, and in working order
  • Ensure all sauce and seasoning buckets have been washed and dried
  • Ensure all seasoning shakers are clean, filled no more than ¾ full
  • Prime the sauce buckets – priming rules do not apply to seasoning buckets
  • Ensure hot wing holding drawers are turned on, are at 180°F with the vents open
  • Weigh wings to determine cooking time for shift

Southwest Station

  • Responsible for all preparation of wraps, salads, flatbreads, etc.
  • Responsible for maintaining and sanitary and clean work station
  • Responsible for maintaining cold rail and making sure food is properly stocked

Expo Station

  • The Expo position functions as the communication link between and among the kitchen line and the front of the house to ensure the coordination and smooth flow of quality products being produced and served to customers.
  • This position also controls food presentation, quality assurance and timeliness of food delivery.

Shift Change Responsibilities

  • Clean and stock each station following FIFO guidelines
  • Ensure all soap and sanitizer buckets are changed minimally every four hours
  • Empty any trash containers that need to be emptied
  • Wash all necessary dishes
  • Wash all sauce and seasoning buckets
  • Notify MOD of any equipment that is not working properly or not being help to proper temperatures
  • Ensure LDIR and FIFO methods are being followed at all time
  • Help other stations as needed
  • Skim, polish, filter, dump fryers – follow your restaurant’s filtering schedule
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor



  • Knowledge of proper sanitation, food safety, and security procedures
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Skill in time management and organization with excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to take direction and execute team and company objectives
  • Knowledge of specs, cook times, plate presentation, etc.
  • CSK/KDU/ticket order management system

Freedom to Act:

  • Comply with all specs, quality standards, and department rules and procedures
  • Take direction from outside and inside Expo

Size and Complexity:

  • Ability to follow specific service time and guidelines Ability to maintain a high degree of pace and intensity for an extended period of time
  • Must be reliable and dependable by adhering to a schedule, covering shifts as necessary, and being on time for scheduled shifts


  • WOW our Team Members by providing the same respect, positive encouragement, and fair treatment within the organization that we expect Team Members to share externally with every guest
  • Maintain positive working relationships with all Team Members and managers
  • Work as a contributing member of a team

External Relationships:

WOW our guests every day by achieving the highest level of satisfaction with an extraordinary focus on friendly service, food, fun, and value



  • Minimum 18 years of age


  • Prior experience working in restaurant or retail environment


The physical demands for this position are sits, stands, bends, lifts, and moves intermittently during working hours. If asked to perform task outside of physical capabilities, be sure to notify your manager. These physical requirements may be accomplished with or without reasonable accommodations.

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