Mellow Mushroom Myers Park
2820 Sewlyn Ave, Charlotte, NC
Full-time, Part-time
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Job Description

Server is a part of Front of House staff and reports to the manager on duty. Server takes direction from the Server 1's. Each server's primary objective is providing our guests with such a marvelous time, they will continue to return again and again. Consistency in service from one employee to the next helps aid the success of repeat business. Beginning with appearance, employees are required to wear a Mellow Mushroom shirt. Jeans, shorts, and skirts are allowed as long as they are of appropriate length and appearance (i.e. too short, or excessive, inappropriate holes). A clean appearance is mandatory, with long hair pulled back, or underneath a hat. A hat of an employee's choice may be worn as long as it is guest appropriate. Good personal hygiene is a must, no strong perfumes i.e. applying to much of a scent, patchouli oil etc. Maintain a warm and dynamic smile to keep guests feeling welcome (a positive attitude is a must). Servers must demonstrate knowledge of menu items including what is available from the bar (beers, liquor, wine, and specialty drinks). This position is part of the FOH staff, and pays $2.13 per hour plus guest tips. Servers are required to pay 3% of net sales for their shift to "tip share". As long as there is at least one server assistant on duty (high volume shifts will have multiple) during the shift, the 3% tip share will be required. If there is not a server assistant scheduled then the tip out will be 0% and the server will be required to buss their own tables and clean appropriately. For example, if a server sells $500, tip share amount to be paid will be $15. All wait staff must sign and document individual net sales total, cash tips, and credit card tips per shift. Tip share will be collected by the manager on a per shift basis and distributed pro rata to the server assistants on a weekly basis. Tip share is mandatory, and a condition of one's job description. All FOH employees are required to declare 100% of tips received per shift. Mellow Mushroom applies for a federal permitted tip credit of $5.12 per hour against current minimum wage in the event your average hourly tip income meets or exceeds the permitted tip credit. All checkouts are to be done to Mellow Mushroom standards and procedures, credit cards must be entered correctly and given to manager on duty in order of sequence on check out. Servers are required to attend all employee meetings.


Job Requirements
All guests should be greeted in a timely manner to ensure they feel personally taken care of and welcomed to this restaurant. Guests should be informed of all specials and menu changes before looking over the menu, so they are aware of what is available for that particular shift. Recommendations and up selling should be used in a genuine approach that caters to what the guest may enjoy. Questions should be answered with accuracy regarding food, beverages and other restaurant functions and services. Servers are responsible for receiving food and beverage orders from guests, then entering requested items in the point-of-sale- system which relays orders to the kitchen and bar. Deliver food and beverages from the kitchen and bar to guests in a timely fashion. It is the responsibility of the server to monitor guests dining experience, adapting courteously to requests as needed. Prepare final bill, present check to guest, accept payment, process credit card charges or make change (if applicable). Always thank guests and invite them to return. Team work is paramount; therefore servers are required to be ready and willing to assist fellow staff members in any variety of situations that may arise. Examples include running food and beverages for another server, removing empty plates, refilling drinks, wiping and resetting tables, etc. Side-work is to be performed before, during and at the end of each shift according to service station assignment. All servers are responsible for the cleanliness of the beverage station, and keeping it stocked throughout the shift. Each staff member should be flexible to fill in is as needed to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the restaurant as directed by the manager on duty or immediate supervisor. Servers cannot clock in early or late without a managers authorization. Servers are not scheduled with an "out" time as to accommodate the restaurant for situations which require movement from one section to another. Meaning, employees should come in expecting to close until the discretion of the manager on duty, in accordance to restaurant volume, allows for an earlier release pending completion of all server duties. Since servers are the majority of staff seen by guests throughout the restaurant, professionalism, attitude and team work is noticed and perceived by our customers. As such this directly affects a person's experience. Wait staff should be able to constantly represent Mellow Mushroom in an upbeat light each shift to achieve the atmospheric satisfaction our guests come to indulge in.
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