Hot Cook

    Golden Corral
    160 South Marlin Drive, Greenwood, IN
    $9.00 - 14.00

    Job Description

    Job Summary:

    The Cook is responsible for the quality, quantity, tastiness, and freshness of all Hot Choice Buffet products. The
    Cook pays special attention to speed, cleanliness, organization, and product specifications.

    • Prepares Hot Choice Buffet products, including Carving and Display Cooking products, according to
    Golden Corral recipes and procedures.
    • Grills all items according to Golden Corral standards to ensure quality.
    • Ensures that every fried product is always fresh and hot.
    • If the Buffet Attendant is unavailable, the Cook restocks the items at the Display Cooking Station.
    • If the Carver is unavailable, assists guests with carved meat options.
    • Complete use and following of the buffet production system to insure quality and shelf life compliance.
    • Maintains the correct temperature of all products during cooking, holding and serving.
    • Uses the Hot Choice Buffet Production Guide and the Display Cooking Hot Cook Production Guide to
    maintain an inventory of all hot cook products.
    • Conducts opening and closing administrative procedures.
    • Properly maintains equipment according to the Equipment Maintenance manual.
    • Restocks and rotates food products by using the first-in, first-out method (FIFO).
    • Takes inventory of products and checks build-to with the Manager at the beginning and end of each
    • Ensures that that Hot Cook area and all smallwares are clean and checks dishes for cleanliness before
    using them.
    • Performs duty roster and Cleanliness, Service, and Quality (CSQ) responsibilities.
    • Follows local health department laws.
    • Keeps Char Grill clean and scraped to ensure product quality and sanitation.
    • Ensures that Hot Choice Buffet products, including Display Cooking products, are always hot and fresh
    for the guests.
    • Knows and follows position responsibilities as they relate to just-in-time delivery.
    • Is friendly and courteous to guests and assists them with the products.
    • Maintains professional communication at all times.
    • Performs other functions that may be necessary to ensure guests receive a pleasurable dining experience.
    • Ensures that work areas are clean and that equipment, tools, and supplies are properly stored
    • Ensures stated goals are me

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