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We are a family company who has been in business in Genesee for over 75 years. Our success comes from the hard work and incredible efforts of our dedicated team members. 24 hours, 7 days per week we strive to provide our customers with friendly, helpful, professional service - making every effort to assist them before, during and after their transaction. WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. If you do not enjoy being positive, helping others or working with the public, this job is not for you. Our customers are the lifeline of our business and our customer service is the reason why we continue to be the best in the industry.

Statement of the Job:
Every team member is responsible for the proper and efficient operation of his or her shift, within Company policy, in such a manner as to ensure that the shift contributes to the increased profitability of the store. The term cashier/sales associate applies to the positions of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift team members, both full and part time. We do not hire for specific shifts and/or days and each team member is expected to be available for all days and all shifts, including Holidays. However, we will make every effort to provide flexible scheduling in an attempt to accommodate the requests of our team members.


Job Requirements
Educational, Identification and Contact Requirements:
* A high school diploma or equivalent would be preferred.
* Must have Michigan residency for the past three (3) months.
* Must have a Valid Michigan driver's license or Michigan I.D. card.
* Must have a verifiable work history or personal references.
* Must have a home phone or cell phone.
* Must have reliable transportation.

Requirements of the Job:
* Be able to read, understand, and write the English language at the high school graduate level.
* Be able to perform mathematical calculations at the high school graduate level in order to make change,
complete shift reports, store auditing and account for shift controls including vendor check-in.
* Have sufficient visual ability to check identifications and process credit cards.
* Be able to read and understand instruction for operating electronic cash registers, lotto terminals, and other
* Be able to lift up to 50 pounds, carrying cases of milk cartons and soft drinks, cases of beer and juice, boxes of
oil, etc, during your shift.
* Be able to bend, reach and where necessary climb on approved stools to stock shelves and coolers.
* Be able to react to a fire by lifting a fire extinguisher weighing 25 pounds and moving it to the area of the fire.
* Be able to bend in order to pull up a metal plate weighing 20 pounds and to pull off metal cap from the
underground storage tank or carwash pit.
* Be able to tolerate exposure to gasoline fumes and cleaning products.
* Be able to climb a ladder to clean windows and change gasoline prices.
* Be able to speak and understand English, including the ability to hear the spoken word.
* Be able to sweep and mop floors, dust shelves, and lift and carry out trash containers and place in an outside
* Be able to enter and work in a cooler at a temperature of 38 degrees for up to 20 minutes at a time
* Must be able to be on your feet for long periods of time, up to 10 hours.
* Must be in good enough health to perform the job
* Criminal Background must not contain a conviction of a misdemeanor or felony that would be related to this
type of job, for example: embezzlement or a violent crime. Any change in background must be brought to
Human Resource Department for Review

Additional Information
General Shift Responsibilities:
* Gives all customers prompt and courteous service according to Company guidelines, to achieve sales and
profit goals.
* Operates the shift within Company guidelines.
* Observes and stays alert during scheduled shift.
* Performs specific tasks as assigned by the Store Manager.
* Properly operate electronic and mechanical equipment.
* Assists the Store Manager in maintaining store standards and quality.
* Follows the work schedule unless a change in the schedule is authorized by the Store Manager.
* Stays familiar with the Company's Price Book, Training Guide, Credit Card Manual, MSDS, and Employee
Manual, Savings Card, Carwash and store memos.
* Informs the Store Manager of all sales, cash, and operating discrepancies.
* Adheres to all city, county, state and federal regulations.
* Must have and maintain a Michigan driver's license with an excellent driving record, car insurance and a clean
criminal history. If something changes with employee, it must be brought to the Human Resource/Records
department for review.

Paperwork / Record-Keeping:
* Properly punches in and out on the time card using the time clock and signing the bottom of the time card on
the last day worked of the week, or if a manual adjustment is required.
* Prepares a shift-change report at the beginning and end of the shift in accordance with the Company
* Accurately counts and records cigarettes, lottery, gift cards, cash drawer, etc. at the start and end of every
* Properly punches in and out on the time card using the time clock and signing the bottom of the time card on
the last day worked of the week, or if a manual adjustment is required
* Rings up all sales on the cash register as described in the Employee Manual.
* Accurately records store coupons, store refunds, line and transaction voids, bottle refunds, spoiled and
damaged merchandise according to established guidelines.
* Provides accurate and timely counting of merchandise during inventory or as directed by Store Manager.
* Notifies the Store Manager of any foreseen discrepancies in store assets (i.e. cash, credit, checks, lottery,
phone cards, etc.) within 24 hours.

* Advises the Store Manager of any personnel situations or policy violations that have an adverse effect on the
store operating performance.
* Follows the Company Retail Image Program by wearing the uniform that is issued and according to the
Employee Manual.
* Works well with each team member and is able to separate personal matters with work matters, as well as
personal relationships with business relationships.
* Adheres to the Business Ethics and Trust policy set forth by the Company.

Store Safety / Security:
* Shares the responsibility for controlling the inventory at the store.
* Follows Company policy with the regard to excessive cash in the registers, extra coin and safe security, and
cash drops in the safe.
* Accurately counts store assets (i.e. cash, credit, checks, lottery, phone cards, etc.) at the beginning and end of
a shift.
* Properly completes a shift change report at the end beginning and end of the shift as directed by the Store
* Follows correct vendor procedures as established by Company guidelines.
* Follows the Company robbery prevention guidelines as directed by the Store Manager.
* Protects the Company assets (money, merchandise, and equipment) at all times.
* Follows the Company safety policy with regards to ladders, step stools, wet floor signs, lifting techniques,
salting during winter months, etc.
* Follows the confidentiality agreement set forth by the Company with regards to sales figures, pricing
structures, banking procedures and payroll.

Merchandise / Marketing:
* Keeps reach-in coolers, walk-in coolers, store shelves and displays fully stocked and fronted at all times.
* Properly cleans and maintains equipment such as coffee machine, fountain drink machine, microwave, etc, as
directed by the Store Manager.
* Keeps coffee, fountain drink, etc. full of product at all times as well as related condiments and supplies.
* Uses correct pricing as listed in the price book or the invoices for all merchandise according to the pricing
* Suggestive sells to the customers as directed by the Store Manager.
* Shares in the responsibility of posting and maintaining approved signage throughout the store.
* Properly promotes the Savings Card, FastPay, gift cards, etc. as directed by the Store Manager.
* Actively participate in all store promotions, contests and sales.

* Keeps store floors clean at all times with specific responsibility being assigned by the Store Manager.
* Checks refrigeration equipment for proper performance a minimum of one time per shift.
* Cleans windows, floors, shelving, counters, gas pumps, merchandise, etc., to ensure they remain clean at all
* Immediately advises Store Manager of any maintenance problems. This includes but is not limited too:
running toilets, leaking faucets, faulty electrical, carwash malfunction, mold, pests and rodents, coolers or
freezers that are not at correct temperatures, heating and air conditioning that is not at correct temperatures,
obstructions or damage anywhere around the facility, lighting that is not properly working, ladders or stools
that are not safe or functioning, air machines and vacuums not functioning, gas pumps that are not shutting
off or leaking, printers or computers that are not functioning, internet, credit card, loyalty server or gift card
Posting ID: 42116629 Posted: 2021-10-26 Job Title: Cashier Sales Associate