Training Director

    1500 Bald Hill Rd, Warwick, RI
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    Reports to: Operator, Managers

    Hours needed: 10-30 depending on hiring needs.

    Training team Director will help ensure that all employees are properly trained in all areas of the store which they are assigned. These tasks will be completed by leading by example, and ensuring that all employees are correctly doing their jobs to CFA standards. Enforcing the CORE 4 and 2nd mile service, along with maintaining a sense of harmony in the store will help allow me to create well rounded and happy employees.


    • Orientation
      • Schedule Orientation with new Team Members
      • Take new Team Members through Orientation agenda
      • Partner new Team Member with a Certified Trainer to learn Job Skill
      • Schedule quarterly Vision & Values class for new Team Members with Owner
    • Ongoing Training
      • Monitor training needs in the unit through RQA, CARES, Manager feedback, observation
      • Communicate training needs to Managers and Certified Trainers
      • Spend one on one time with Team Members where additional training time is needed
    • Recertification
      • Track training
      • Communicate recertification needs to managers
      • Schedule time for team members to take TMDP tests
      • Conduct visual recertification
      • Track progress
    • Certified Trainers
      • Select potential CTs with managers help
      • Appoint and train CT using the materials and 3-Step Training Method
      • Manage CTs - checking in regularly and giving feedback where necessary.
    • Training Materials
      • Keep materials organized and up to date
      • Inform managers and team members of changes in procedures

    Leadership Development:

    • Facilitate weekly manager meetings
    • Plan out leadership development curriculum in advance
    • Order books / materials
    • Facilitate bi-monthly discussion on what we are currently reading
    • Discuss how the principles we are learning can be applied to what we do at our store.


    • Follow up with CARES calls
    • Track CARES calls to assess training needs
    • Inform managers of reoccurring issues in the unit
    • Order uniforms for new Team Members
    • Collect uniforms from Team Members who are no longer working with us.
    • Have uniforms cleaned
    • Order and distribute uniforms to current team members with uniform needs.
    • Brainstorm and plan fun ways to establish our team
    • Plan bi-annual fieldtrips for Team Members
    • Organize Christmas party and Christmas gifts for Team Members
    • Post Team Member birthdays on a monthly basis

    Pay and Benefits:

    • Competitive salary
    • Health Insurance co-pay
    • 100% match 401K
    • Tuition reimbursement






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