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Non-degree positions starting at $10.00 per hour

Working under the supervision of the Lead Residential Instructor (LRI) and Residential Support Supervisor (RSS), the position of Residential Instructor (RI) provides support for individuals in the home environment. In addition, the residential instructor (RI) will work indirectly under the supervision of the Assistant Coordinator of Residential Services (ACRS) and the Coordinator of Residential Services (CRS).  The duties of the Residential Instructor (RI) includes but is not limited to:

Essential Duties                                                                                                                                                        

*       working one on one with students in the home environment                                                                                                                       

*       running teaching trials of educational goals as outlined in each student’s individual plan                                                                        

*       preparing meals and snacks for students according to menus provided by supervisors

*       working cooperatively with other residential instructor(s) and supervisors during the shift as well as classroom personnel and overnight staff during shift changes                                               

  • Accompanying students on afternoon/evening outings such as the grocery store, park, sporting events, haircuts, clothing stores and any other outing needed and/or approved by supervisors 
    • o These outings may or may not include transportation to another nearby city
  • participating in all in-service training required to work with the students most effectively

Physical Functions

  • implementing crisis management procedures, to include, but not limited to: lifting and lowering individuals to and from the floor, standing from kneeling position and dropping to kneeling position while physically controlling an individual,  blocking attempted hits, kicks, and bites, transporting individuals in crisis state, and deflecting hits from thrown objects
  • cleaning the home: sweeping, mopping, organizing, and other tasks to maintain an orderly home

Mental Functions

  • completing written and verbal documentation for students including: information about teaching trials, meals, incidents, toileting, etc.


  • Any other duties determined by a supervisor to be necessary to ensure the care, welfare, safety, and security of the students                          

Hours: 2nd shift: Monday-Friday 2:25 pm-10:00 pm, Weekday Overnight: Monday-Thursday 10:00 pm-7:30am, Weekend Sat-Sun 7:30am-10:00pm, & Weekend Overnight Friday-Sunday 10:00pm-7:30am                                                                                                                           
Qualifications:  High school diploma, Able to lift and lower over 40 pounds, Clean background checks and drug screen, able to kneel from a standing position, good driving record preferred 

Salary & Benefits: starting at $10.00 per hr, negotiable with experience & education *pay will be changed to higher rate on the date that an official transcript is received and be applied for the current pay period forward*, subject to weekend pay differential; school pays 50% toward monthly health insurance premium for individual plan; 24 Annual Leave days after 90 day probationary period; school provides $100,000 life insurance policy on health plan participants

Tags: Care, special needs, intellectual disabilities, direct care, competitive benefits, advancement opportunities, special ed, disabilities, group home, behavior challenges, behavior modification, growth, full time, part time 

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