Grinder Operator

Xerium Technologies Inc.
Griffin, GA 30223, Griffin, GA
Full-time, Part-time

Job Description

The grinder operator must learn the following skills.

  • Learn to operate overhead crane and the use of the proper cables according to the load requirements
  • The proper set up of the machine for the roll that is going to be ground, blocks and stands.
  • Check the serial number of the roll and match it with the factory order prior to loading the roll in the grinder
  • Install proper drive to turn the roll body in the grinder
  • Have bearings installed or operator install the bearings on the roll that will be ground if necessary. Proper installation of bearings.
  • Stage rolls behind the grinder ( stage next roll to be ground)
  • Cleaning and maintaining the grinder
  • Report to supervision any issues or problems during the shift with the roll or the grinder
  • Work the schedule shift assigned
  • Work overtime as requested
  • Inventory of grinding belts required
  • Learn precision measuring equipment

The actual job duties are listed below after proper training:

  • Locate the roll that is next in the schedule and match the serial number of the roll to the factory order.
  • Install bearings if required for grinding if not already on the roll.
  • Set up the grinder with the proper strands or blocks for the roll to rest on during the grind
  • Check the cables for the correct weight of the roll install the cables on the crane and lift the roll and place in the grinder.
  • Install proper drive to turn the roll during the grind process
  • Check the diameter of the roll on the drive end, center and tailstock end of the roll.
  • Install the proper information in the CNC controls of the grinder to perform the grind.
  • Adjust the information to be set for the desired crown and tapers.
  • Install 36 grit belt and proceed to grind the roll to .125 above customer desired finish.
  • Inspect the cover throughout the grinding process for any contamination or issues
  • Stop the roll check the hardness to confirm the desired hardness that is stated on the factory order is within tolerance.
  • Check the alignment of the roll and make sure the crown profile is correct. Make any adjustments to the end to end alignment or crown as needed.
  • Change to the next finer grinding belt and grind the roll to remove the 36 grit scratches
  • After he removal of the 36 grit scratches stop the roll, check the crown profile and end to end alignment.
  • Proceed to the next finer grit belt and continue to grind the roll to the specified finish stated on the factory order.
  • After the grinding of the roll is completed, check crown and alignment with digital calipers and print the profile for attachment to the factory order.
  • Take all hardness readings required on all four sides of the roll cover.
  • Install the tapers or end relief as stated on the factory order.
  • Have supervision or lead person check the roll against the factory and sign off as approved.
  • Wrap roll with shrink wrap and remove from the grinder
  • Place the roll as close as you can to the next department that will work with this unit.
  • Clean the machine and blocks and proceed to the next roll scheduled.

For a regrind of a roll the same steps would be followed with the addition of the incoming crown profile and hardness readings would be obtained and recorded prior to the grinding of the roll.

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