File Maintenance Manager

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    Job Description

    Safeway, Inc. Seattle Division Page 1 of 2 Revision: 2002 Human Resources JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Price Changer-File Maintenance JOB DESCRIPTION: As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Price Changer-File Maintenance clerk provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service. Ensures that price tags placed throughout the store are consistent with item prices as recorded within the store computer. Researches and corrects incorrect prices. Prepares tags and places them appropriately throughout the store. Maintains pricing records using computer. Prepares other stock and end display signs. JOB DUTIES: Safeway Price Changer-File Maintenance employees are generally responsible for completing the following job duties: 1. Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy. 1. Print signs for displays using computer. 1. Place signs on shelves. 1. Audit bulletins for pricing errors. 1. Use telxon to check prices posted on shelves throughout the store for accuracy and consistency with store computer. 1. Monitor inter-office mail and company web page daily for updated information. 1. Other duties as assigned. JOB RELATED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience. 1. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers. 1. Ability to understand and follow instructions. 1. Organization and detail oriented. 1. Knowledge of store layout and product location. 1. Ability to work independently. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Limited. May oversee assistant Price Changer. PERMITS/LICENSES: Varies depending on store location and state/county requirements WORK ENVIRONMENT: %Inside: 100% %Outside: Rare Temperature Extremes: N/A Chemicals: None MACHINES, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT: Six-wheeled cart, grocery cart, pens/pencils, markers, telxon, telephone/intercom, computer, printer Safeway, Inc. Seattle Division SAFEWAY, INC. IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Page 2 of 2 Revision: 2002 Human Resources Job Title: Price Changer/File Maintenance PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Constant (over 70% of the time) Frequent (30-70%) Occasional (10-30%) Seldom (1-10%) Lifting: Constantly lifts 1-10 lbs. Carrying: Frequently carries 1-10 lbs. Pushing/Pulling: Frequently pushes/pulls 1-10 lbs. Reaching: Constant knee to shoulder reaching to prepare and place signs and operate computer keyboard. Occasional at or above shoulder level reaching. Seldom overhead reaching. Standing: Constant standing while on job. Sitting allowed on breaks. Walking: Frequent walking while on job. Climb/Balance: Seldom. May use step stool to place higher signs. Trunk Functions: Frequent neck rotation, bending of head, bending/stooping, crouching, and kneeling. Seldom twisting and squatting. Upper Extremity: Constant handling/grasping. Frequent fine finger manipulation and repetitive motion. Vision: Use of peripheral vision and depth perception to move around store area and push carts in aisles. Frequent use of near vision to prepare tags, signs, and to view computer monitor. Hearing: To converse with customers, co-workers, and supervisors. May answer intercom pages and converse on the telephone. Speech: To answer customer questions, converse with co-workers, and supervisors. May answer intercom pagers and speak over telephone. Safeway will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities who can meet overall job requirements.
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