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Snowshoe is the premier destination for Mid-Atlantic and Southeast skiers, snowboarders and winter enthusiasts. We offer 257 acres of skiable terrain, 1500 vertical feet, 57 trails and the best snow around. Enjoy our world class events, cool mountain temperatures, beautiful vistas and 11,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness.



Our organizational values describe our shared beliefs, the principles important to our organization; how we want to treat each other and our guests.


Integrity                    Performance                 Environment                   Fun                        Collaboration  


To remove solid waste from Snowshoe Village and business units on a daily basis, monitor Snowshoe compactors, operate Snowshoe's recycle program for all recyclable material and hazardous waste.


This position is responsible for the following job results.
  • Snowshoe compactors in operable condition by inspecting on a routine basis
  • Reporting any inoperable or unsafe conditions to manager or maintenance
  • Making sure compactors are ready for usage by inspecting for fullness and calling county disposal service when collection is needed
  • Grounds around compactor is kept clean by picking up any fallen debris or trash scattered by animals or users
  • Sweeping and cleaning compactor pads when compactor is removed for hauling
  • Village trash is removed by visiting one or more times village shops and restaurants to collect trash
  • Emptying village trash cans and replacing liners one or more times daily during shift.
  • Trash rooms or other specific designated areas available for trash deposit removing trash from areas daily or more frequently if needed
  • Assist in keeping odors low in Allegheny trash room by keeping trash bins rinsed and cleaned routinely
  • Keeping floor swept and mopped by working with housekeeping and conference services to keep room clean
  • Operate as a team
    • Communicating properly with co-workers and departments concerning solid waste management
    • Relating to manager items that may need addressed with customers
    • Listening and responding appropriately to instructions or recommendations given by manager
  • Solid waste equipment is operable
    • Routine inspection of trucks, mobile carts, and trailers
    • Reporting any safety or operation defects found in equipment to manager so items can be repaired
  • Equipment is kept clean
    • Daily and weekly removal of stray trash
    • Washing with cleaners as often as possible or needed to keep stains and build up from occurring on equipment
  • Monitor solid waste collected reporting on bench sheets number of loads hauled by county disposal service
  • Operate snowshoe mountain recycle program
    • Collecting recycles at business unit station weekly sorting when necessary recyclables
    • Contact Pocahontas recycle for cardboard trailer removal hauling recycled material to Pocahontas recycle when needed
    • Notifying manager of problems or possible changes needed in program notify and make arrangement to send out recycle cartridges when needed
  • Operate snowshoe special needs recycle program
    • Collecting and storing special recyclables in a proper manner
    • Notify agencies for collection of special recyclables (fluorescent bulbs, scrap iron, batteries, kitchen grease, cleaners, glycol)
    • Preparing items for collection when necessary
    • Notifying manager when a load of special material has been collected and ready for collection
    • Finding proper disposal or recycle source for any other special needs waste that may occur in the future
    • Responding to special needs pick up from departments that may have a truckload of waste to collect
    • Monitoring the proper collection and disposal of deep fryer grease generated by food and beverage
  • Monitor recycle program for future reporting purposes
    • Filling out monthly reports on amount of recycle hauled, picked up or mailed out in tonnage, gallons or other measurable form
    • Keep qualified for solid waste job, maintaining knowledge of solid waste collection, snowshoe mountain operations and customer service
    • Attending all appropriate training courses
  • Ready for work each day arriving on time with appropriate clothing and uniform
  • Contributes to team effort accomplishing results as needed or directed to do so


This job description is an overview of the scope of responsibilities and is not intended to be an inclusive list of job tasks and expectations. With the evolution of this resort and position, the responsibilities of this position may change.



Valid WV Driver’s license

  • Ability to move a pull trailer attached to a pick up is required Ability to operate a standard shift truck
  • Knowledge of Snowshoe Mountain and location of departments is helpful



Education: Employee shall have a high school diploma or GED


Experience:  Minimum experience going in to this job is required. It is beneficial if employee has knowledge of Snowshoe Mountain departmental locations.



  • Understands business complexities and assumes responsibility for driving change
  • Leads employees or teams of employees to achieve goals
  • Guides employees through periods of change, even during difficult times or in the face of hard business decisions
  • Exhibits honesty, integrity in an environment of mutual respect and trust, core values, reliability


  • Is inquisitive and curious, always asking questions; Seeks new and/or different or ways to improve the business; Thinks outside the box
  • Is recognized by others (internally and externally) as being engaged in their role, and someone who can often see things that others have not
  • Inspires, motivates, develops, energizes, and creates engaged employees, with a solid record of employee retention
  • Demonstrates true passion for the job, the resort, and the company overall
  • Displays rigorous commitment to the environment, financial and safety of self, business, and inherent risks through stewardship.


  • Communicates clearly and appropriately - both orally and in writing
  • Responds to questions or requests in a timely manner
  • Conducts regular one-on-one and departmental meetings to ensure a good flow of information
  • Recognizes and rewards the achievement of his/her team and others; Ensures thank-yous are delivered
  • All communication is down home and strives to improve upon a high level of guest service in a friendly manner
  • Proficient in use of technology to include Excel, Word, the Internet, desktop publishing and database management software programs.  Is able to learn quickly those applications not known.



  • Achieves high-quality business outcomes for the division as well as delivering good results that help the business overall
  • Delivers highly accurate end-work product personally and through overseeing others
  • Able to analyze numbers and draw conclusions from statistical information
  • Meets or exceeds financial goals, budgets, forecasts
  • Creates successful strategies that produce results, but is also willing to accept responsibility for shortfalls when appropriate
  • Ensures a guest driven atmosphere and improves commitment to a service level that exceed our guests’ expectations



  • Adapts and is flexible to changing business circumstances across a season, a fiscal year, and/or multiple years; Exhibits willingness to change
  • Adjusts budgets and reforecasts as needed across the year based on changing business needs
  • Exhibits flexibility in their thinking, will bend when needed, and will lobby others to change when necessary
  • Inspires a unified team through understanding was is required for successful, cooperative and fun team success



Any employee or volunteer who operates a company vehicle including cars, trucks, snowcats, snowmobiles, or heavy equipment is required to comply with the Driver’s Standards Policy. This policy also applies to employees or volunteers driving their personal vehicles for company business more than four times per month, averaging 30+ miles per trip. All drivers should receive a full copy of the Alterra Driver’s Standards Policy; if you have not – please contact your Risk/Safety or HR/EE Department.


This position may be required to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

Mountain Environment:

  • The primary physical environment in which this position works is out of doors with a high exposure level to cold, snow, wind, rain, bugs, sun, high altitude, extreme heights, lightning, etc...
  • The degree of strenuous activity within the job is considered to be high. Often lifting a weight of 50 pounds throughout the day is common.
  • Additional strenuous physical activity may include walking or hiking upon uneven, challenging terrain with heavy tools or equipment.
  • Exposure to: Chemicals required for cleaning, de-greasing, and painting Ultra Violet radiation from the sun enhanced through lack of atmospheric filtration at work altitude.  Fumes produced in activities ranging from cleaning to painting to fabrication of metal products. Noise generated by snowmobiles, lift equipment, and tools may require hearing protection to be worn.
  • Talking and hearing occur continuously in the process of communicating with guests, supervisors and other employees.
  • Vision occurs continuously with the most common visual functions being those of near vision and depth perception.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily- reasonable accommodations may be made to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Snowshoe Mountain is committed to a drug free workplace and has an established drug testing policy. Your job is identified as a safety sensitive position and you may be tested at random during your term of employment.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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