System One
    12 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA

    Job Description

    Laborers local to Kernersville NC 2/17-4/10 


    1.       Concrete surface preparation, including bushing, excavation, hammering, chiseling, grinding, drilling (tool hoods equipped with HEPA vacuums, wetting techniques will be required to meet OSHA Table 1 Silica requirements)

    2.       Concrete placement, concrete vibration, concrete finishing

    3.       Maintaining work area housekeeping and trash removal

    4.       Concrete core boring, concrete drilling (tool hoods equipped with HEPA vacuums, wetting techniques will be required to meet OSHA Table 1 Silica requirements)

    5.       Assist with fabrication of simple and complex wooden form systems in accordance with drawings and design specifications

    6.       Assist with anchor installation

    7.       Assist with mechanical fasteners, bolted connections, steel component installations

    8.       Assist in rigging operations under supervision of qualified Rigger

    9.       Refueling heavy equipment

    10.   Material transport, safety-spotting during vehicle, heavy equipment movement

    11.   Conducting in-field pre-job briefings (Two-minute drills)

    12.   Applying coatings, lubricants, form-release agents, adhesives


    General Expectations:

    1.       Workers are to have construction or industrial work-related experiences associated with:

    a.       Wearing hearing protection, safety glasses, hardhats and work gloves

    b.       Working in elevated locations, climbing on ladders, scaffolds, elevated platforms  

    c.       Industrial fall-protection, wearing and working in fall-protection harnesses and retractable lanyards

    d.       Working in designated, documented, permitted, program-driven confined spaces

    e.       Working in industrial or construction environments where heavy equipment, rotating equipment and overhead lifts frequently occur

    2.       Workers must have hard-toe safety footwear (steel, composite, etc.) while at work, in work areas, or whenever performing work activities

    a.       Non-hard-toed safety footwear is permitted when walking to and from the office location at the start of and at the end of shift

    3.       Workers requiring prescription eyewear will have prescription safety glasses

    4.       Workers will have close/near-by access to clean portable restrooms and will be expected to use them (under most circumstances and conditions)

    5.       Workers will have 30 minutes for lunch, and if traveling offsite for lunch, are still expected to return and be ready to work within the allotted 30 minutes

    6.       Workers that smoke will have designated smoking areas or locations containing a butt urn/can or other butt capture devise and are not permitted to smoke in areas other than the designated smoking areas, use of a vaporizing apparatus is considered smoking as it relates to this expectation

    7.       Workers, regardless of personal discipline, will support and assist in assigned work activities, including multi-discipline or cross-discipline tasks   


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