Beach Club Server

    Lindy's Landing Restaurant & Marina
    115 Park St., Wauconda, IL
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    As a beach deck server, it is essential that you maintain an energetic, friendly and accommodating nature at all times. It is your responsibility to see that each guest is made to feel special and enjoys our vacation-like environment, great food and excellent beverages. The essential function of the server position is to skillfully and enthusiastically sell our menus to our clientele; therefore, the basic requirement of the job is twofold:  First, a server must possess an expert knowledge of our food and beverage menus without exception.  A lack of menu knowledge casts an unprofessional image on all of us, and we are professionals. Second, a server must possess proficient use of our POS system, including all menu item and guest check modifications.  Our beach deck servers must also be ready and willing to serve guests in the sand!  Additionally, our servers are Lindy’s AMBASSADORS and one of our best forms of advertisement, you will be required to know and sell specials while also promoting current and upcoming special events!  Every study that’s ever been done on restaurant guest satisfaction proves that a guest is far more likely to forgive a bad meal than a bad server.  It’s a fact!

    Activities & Responsibilities

    • Building repeat cliental by ensuring 100% customer satisfaction every time
    • Promptly and accurately taking care of all guests needs, wants, and concerns
    • Correctly taking food orders and entering them into Micros
    • Carries service trays confidently throughout the restaurant
    • Have a superior knowledge of all of Lindy’s drink menus and food menus to make recommendations and ensure customer satisfaction while also practicing suggestive selling techniques to increase check averages
    • Responsibly handling cash, credit cards, gift cards, and change
    • Responsible for accurately preforming a server check out at the end of shift
    • Serves customers in a professional manner as per training guidelines
    • Maintains service areas such as beach deck, beach, tiki-bar and service stations during entire shift, this includes stocking and rotating fruits, keeping up with ice-tea, ice-bins, etc.
    • Must alert manager on the floor to any and all customer issues/concerns/questions
    • Must possess expert knowledge of our food and beverage menus, and be able to describe in detail all components of a specific dish or beverage
    • Must possess proficiency with our POS system, including all modifications.
    • Must carry a wine key, lighter and server bank to be able to make change for guests.  Server bank should consist of 1) ten dollar bill 2) two five dollar bills 3) ten one dollar bills 4) five dollars in assorted change.  It is a server’s responsibility to carry a bank for every shift.  Lindy’s cannot make change for servers during busy times, so servers should anticipate business and adjust their banks accordingly
    • Must be proficient salespeople.  Fantastic table greets, explanation of the menu and daily specials, professional presence at the table, writing down every order and repeating the order back to the guest.
    • Must complete assigned daily and weekly side work and roll the proper amount of silverware every shift
    • Must understand how to enroll new customers in our loyalty program and assign points to existing members correctly
    • Must be skilled at service.  Understanding ongoing table maintenance, drink refills, removing dirty plates, how to handle a spill, how to handle a guest complaint, how to handle food allergies, all in order to enhance the guest experience
    • Work hard and be a team player!  This sounds simple, but it means that you should be willing and able to assist in other positions when necessary.  You should bus your own tables as often as possible, run your own food as often as possible, sweep sand off the deck, or at least be available to pass your own orders tableside, and of course offer support to your fellow servers
    • Check schedulefly at least once a day to keep yourself informed with the most current information pertaining to your job and the restaurant as a whole
    • The BIG THREE!  Show up every shift ON TIME, with a PERFECT UNIFORM, and with a GREAT ATTITUDE!  If you can master these three things, there’s very little else that can go wrong!


    Minimum Qualifications:

    • Must be a fast learner. Able to learn drink menus, food menu, micros, procedures and protocol with-in two weeks. Seasonal position requires dedication, and obligation.
    • Must be 18+years of age
    • A fun and friendly, positive and professional work attitude at all times, a sense of humor is preferred
    • Complete Basset certification and training and obtain your food handlers certificate
    • A strong desire to ensure customer service and 100% satisfaction
    • Previous restaurant experience required, serving experience preferred
    • Ability to actively stand and walk for up to 8 hours.
    • Ability to carry food and drink trays that may weigh up to 30 lbs.
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