Food Expediter

    Lindy's Landing Restaurant & Marina
    115 Park St., Wauconda, IL
    Full-time, Part-time

    Job Description

    The food expeditor is the lifeline of the kitchen and a liaison between the front of house staff and back of house staff.  The expo is one of the most important positions in the restaurant and must command respect from their co-workers.  Expeditors are the last point of contact before the food leaves the kitchen, and it is essential that before that final step, all dishes look perfect, are garnished correctly, set on trays according to seat number and run to the dining room quickly.  It is a high energy position which requires intense organizational and memory skill, timing, attention to detail, and menu knowledge.  The Expeditor, or “EXPO” is responsible for “calling” all appropriate food orders, explaining to the kitchen staff all modifications, coordinating all guest checks, all ticket timing, ensuring all dishes are cooked correctly and have the proper plate appearance and temperature.  In addition, the expo is responsible not only for all food items being cooked, but all cooked items that are placed under the heat lamps.  The expo is also responsible for the garnish station and the tray area, often called ‘the Expo deck”.  This position requires more decision making than an air traffic controller or a trauma nurse, according to studies!  Thus, the Expo requires as quiet and organized an environment as possible.

    Activities & Responsibilities

    • Communicating any special needs of our servers or guests in a professional and respectful manner between the FOH and BOH
    • Cut garnishes and condiments according to training guidelines
    • Ensuring food quality and presentation of every order
    • Orchestrates serving of food orders from each area of the kitchen to ensure timely delivery in the appropriate order
    • Making sure that every order is complete and accurate before it leaves Lindy’s kitchen
    • Instructs available servers or food runners to deliver completed food trays to appropriate tables
    • Paying attention to ticket times and ensuring that all of our guests get their food in an appropriate amount of time or alerting the manager on duty of major timing issues that need to be addressed with the customer or staff
    • Carrying out any tasks given to you by the kitchen manager or the manager on duty
    • Preparation of soup and dessert orders
    • Correctly pairing orders with their correct side choices and sauces
    • Ensuring the correct packaging of takeout orders and including appropriate condiments and plasticware in the bag prior to releasing the full order to the host
    • Required to follow CHOW NOW order procedures thoroughly every time to ensure correctness
    • Stocking the to-go station and condiment cooler as necessary and at the end of each shift
    • Must be able to effectively manage the needs of banquets when necessary while balancing normal walk-in service
    • Must act as a liaison between service staff and kitchen staff, often in multiple languages!
    • Maintaining proper sanitation on Expo deck
    • Expert menu and food quality skills
    • Closes down expediter station according to training guidelines
    • Informs kitchen manager or floor manager of faulty kitchen equipment immediately
    • Check schedulefly at least once a day to keep yourself informed with the most current information pertaining to your job and the restaurant as a whole
    • The BIG THREE!  Show up every shift ON TIME, with a PERFECT UNIFORM, and with a GREAT ATTITUDE!  If you can master these three things, there’s very little else that can go wrong


    Minimum Qualifications

    • Must be 18yrs old to apply.
    • Must be able to stand on feet for long periods of time (up to 8 hours straight)
    • Must be able to read and communicate clearly
    • Must guarantee a fun and friendly, positive and professional work attitude at all times
    • Must be able to handle high stress shifts with poise
    • Must maintain as calm a demeanor as possible
    • Being bilingual is a huge advantage
    • Must acquire the food handlers certificate
    • Restaurant experience is a must, some kitchen experience is preferred
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