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Shift Leader

400 E. Market St.,
Salinas, CA 93901
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Shift Leaders ensure all Crew Persons are performing their job responsibilities and meeting expectations in all areas. They are also responsible for all restaurant activity while on duty in the absence of the manager. 

 Must have supervisory experience and be 18 years of age or older to apply. 



At Carl's Jr., we expect our employees to be friendly at all times and set a positive example for others; they do this by smiling and making eye contact with our Guests and being upbeat and positive throughout the day. We believe that friendly employees are the key to providing what we call “Six Dollar Service,” which means immediately greeting our Guests with a big smile and a warm greeting, being polite and looking for ways to assist our guests to make their visit more enjoyable. It also means smiling as Guests leave, thanking them for coming to Carl's Jr. and saying goodbye. We also expect that all employees are friendly to each other as well, making Carl's Jr. a positive, enjoyable and fun place to work. 


Our team members are expected to work together to ensure we are always providing outstanding “QSC” for our Guests. The “Q” stands for Quality food - hot, great tasting burgers, like you have seen on our TV commercials. The “S” stands for Service – “Six Dollar Service”, because it’s the kind of service you would expect to get in a sit down style restaurant. The “C” stands for Cleanliness – the cleanliness of the restaurant is vital to our business, we want all of our Guests to have a pleasant environment to enjoy their meal. How do we make sure our Guests receive “QSC” at all times? Teamwork is the key! All employees are expected to work together to prepare and serve our food – fast! There is a lot going on in the restaurant and a lot of work to be done, and we need a team to get it done. We expect our employees to take care of their own work responsibilities efficiently and then look for ways to help co-workers complete their tasks, especially when it comes to preparing food and serving our Guests. Our employees demonstrate teamwork when they help each other without being asked and volunteer for additional responsibilities when they are not busy. When everyone stays productive and works together, it makes everyone’s job easier and makes Carl's Jr. a great place to work! 


At Carl's Jr., we look for people who are excited to come to work each day and are enthusiastic about working in a fast paced, dynamic and sometimes challenging work environment. We expect our employees to show an eagerness to learn as much as they can and to show a sense of pride and ownership for their work. Enthusiastic employees demonstrate friendliness, teamwork, high energy and a “sense of urgency,” and maintain a positive outlook on their work which will challenge others to be better. Their passion for excellence in all that they do and their commitment to serving our Guests make these employees our “Shining Stars” at Carl's Jr. 


At Carl's Jr., we depend on our employees and they are vital to the success of our business. This is why we value those employees that prove to be reliable. Reliable employees always come to work on time, according to their posted schedules, and are available to cover extra shifts when available. Reliable employees have integrity, are honest, and complete all tasks with exactness, no shortcuts, and always strive to exceed Company expectations. Reliable employees are appreciated by other employees who know that they can count on their co-worker to work when scheduled and do their part as a member of the Carl's Jr. team! 

Guest Focused

Our founder, Carl Karcher, referred to his customers as “Guests” because he wanted to treat them as if they were honored guests in his own home. So, at Carl's Jr., we are completely focused on and driven by the Guest. This means that our employees are expected to do their very best at whatever task they are doing, such as keeping the restaurant clean, taking orders at the register, cooking the food, or delivering orders. We never make a Guest wait while we finish doing a task; we immediately stop what we are doing and serve our Guests. It is our top priority to provide great tasting food, fast service, in a clean restaurant so our Guests will want to return again and again! 

Additional Info

We are taking the safety of our employees and guests seriously by adhering to strict COVID-19 Protocols. Regular disinfecting of all touchpoints is conducted throughout the day, all employees are required to wear facemasks and gloves, frequent handwashing is required, protective shields are in place at each cashier station and touchless payment options are available.

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