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The Restaurant Manager (RM) has overall responsibility for managing daily operations of a single restaurant (10-60 employees) ensuring delivery on the Company Mission Statement and Values, and ensuring desired restaurant outcomes (i.e., increased sales, profitability, and employee retention).  The RM mobilizes the restaurant management team to oversee the financial controls, operations, people development, customer service and BKC compliance within the restaurant across all shifts.  An RM should be able to work long and/or irregular hours, including extra shifts, as needed, for proper functioning of the restaurant.
NOTE:  Each "key activity" described below identifies, in parenthesis, the primary (but not exclusive) core competency related to the performance of these principal responsibilities and key activities.


1.	High school diploma or equivalent, with two (2) years of college or equivalent preferred
2.	Demonstrated leadership and development skills with a minimum of four (4) years of excellent performance standards with a BURGER KING® Restaurant or a comparable work record, preferably in a restaurant or in the retail/hospitality industry   
3.	English language proficiency that enables speech expression clarity and proficient reading and verbal comprehension
4.	Strong math and Windows-based computer literacy.
5.	The incumbent has completed the following internal certification training programs or is willing to complete them within the timeframe prescribed by BKC, including but not limited to: GURU Certified,  Foundations Training Certified, Serve Safe Essentials, Anti-Harassment Training, and HR Compliance Training

1.	Reports to District Manager
2.	May be coached by Director of Company Operations 
3.	Supervises restaurant Crew Team Members and Management Team

Additional Info


1.	Leads Operations Excellence:  Directs efficient and accurate preparation and sale of products and preventive maintenance of restaurant facilities for guest satisfaction.
•	Provides operations direction to team in a clear, concise and positive way and coaches others to lead operations (Leads People/Influences Others)
•	Sets an example for team by working hard to implement shift plans and ensure swift and smooth operations (Gets Results)
•	Identifies and resolves bottlenecks in operations to improve speed of service (Solves Problems)
•	Gets the right people involved to prevent and resolve restaurant equipment problems (Solves Problems)
•	Monitors BKC operational programs, processes and metrics to identify restaurant issues; Involves management team in resolving operational challenges  (Shows Drive/Leads People/Solves Problems)
•	Demonstrate patience and a positive attitude with management team and crew members while delegating tasks and giving production instructions (Influences Others)
•	Takes full responsibility for at least one (1) district-wide operations process or Drive as assigned by the CBM (e.g., district meeting coordination; seed training; district recruitment; etc.) (Shows Drive /Can Play Many Roles)

2.	Leads shift using Mission Statement and Values:  Motivates and directs team members to do what it takes to exceed customer expectations with food and friendly service in clean surroundings.
•	Makes a professional   impression on customers and team through positive and friendly attitude and proactive interaction to seek feedback on customer experience (Influences Others/Shows Drive)
•	Works with team to act on customer feedback and resolve customer complaints in a timely, friendly and professional manner (Leads People/Solves Problems)
•	Directs team to take pride in the details of delivering the company Mission Statement and Brand Delivery Standards (Gets Results)
•	Demonstrates flexibility to meet different team needs to ensure customer promise delivery (Can Play Many Roles)
•	Identifies and implements local strategies to market the restaurant and promote restaurant involvement in the community (Shows Drive /Gets Results) 

3.	Builds Team Talent:  Provides coaching and feedback to crew and managers on crew stations, BKC products, processes and policies; leads restaurant management team in recruiting, selecting and retaining effective crew talent.
•	Delegates work to team members in a way that encourages them to work together to ensure the restaurant operates to BKC standards (Leads People)
•	Coaches management team members on people leadership skills and management tools for maximum efficiency and promotability; makes them feel their contributions are valuable (Leads People)
•	Review restaurant’s operational, financial and marketing targets and results to set challenging goals for self and team, provide timely performance feedback and ensure accountability (Shows Drive /Leads People)
•	Coaches management team with knowledge of employment laws and policies and delegates new responsibilities in building crew talent (Leads People)
•	Leads the development and implementation of strategies to identify/hire/promote/orientate and retain effective crew talent; assists CBM with management recruitment and selection (Gets Results)
•	 Identifies effective team members who are “at-risk-of-departing” and takes appropriate action for retention (Influences Others)
•	 Maintain order and discipline among employees supervised, including reprimands, suspensions and recommendations of employment termination

4.	Manages Restaurant Profit and Loss:  Assumes full responsibility for the restaurant profit and loss management by implementing marketing strategies; following cash control/security procedures; maintaining inventory; managing labor; and applying financial report analysis to enhance restaurant results
•	Optimizes profit and loss by ensuring proper scheduling and positioning of crew and management (Has Expertise)
•	Prepares restaurant financial plan to include sales, operating expenses and profits (Has Expertise)
•	Oversees the forecasting, ordering, accounting and maintaining of restaurant product and supply inventories (Has expertise) 
•	Coaches team to effectively implement marketing/sales strategies (i.e., upselling tickets, focus on value menu) (Influences Others/Gets Results)
•	Seeks best practices from others to enhance use of restaurant financial controls  (Learns Quickly)
•	Coaches management team to identify new ways to enhance restaurant profit and loss with marketing and inventory and labor management (Leads Others/Has Expertise/Solves Problems)
•	Removes performance barriers and provides resources for crew and restaurant to perform well (Solves Problems)
5.	Ensures Restaurant Compliance: Enforces compliance of government regulations, BKC Market Policy employment law, food safety, BKC National Security Policy, operations and BKC policies and procedures relating to all restaurant activities across shifts.
•	Directs the team  to maintain BKC restaurant  and equipment cleanliness and sanitation standards (Gets Results)
•	Takes initiative to immediately take action on violations of safety, sanitation or security policies by reporting violations to CBM; performing appropriate damage control; and identifying long-term prevention measures (Shows Drives /Solves Problems)
•	Motivates and educates restaurant team to comply with loss control procedures and to maintain a safe and secure environment for customers and the team (Leads People)
•	Shows CBM that he/she can be relied upon to maintain restaurant compliance (Influences Others)
•	Works with restaurant management to identify indicators of compliance issues across shifts; Leads restaurant audits (Leads People/Solves Problems)
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