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Water Street Restaurants is actively seeking a qualified Bar Manager! The ideal candidate will have 2+ years restaurant experience & 3+ years of experience in a direct supervision role. Our new Bar Manager will drive excellence, and strive for a motivated staff. Qualified persons will also have experience in restaurant standards, scheduling, and policy. Candidates should also have knowledge of all department functionality. Our management staff leads by example, and will prove so in day to day operations. 

Please apply on-line at: 


Manages Food Quality Standards:
 * Embraces and role models WaterStreet’s value of QUALITY
     Start with quality ingredients, hold suppliers to a high level; a great menu stands on its own.
 * Ensures all food products meet Water Street specifications and guidelines
     Our product specification are exacting, use proper products, check in all orders to ensure quality
 * Adheres to all the recipes, presentation standards and procedures
     Use measuring utensils at all times, proper weights, no short cuts, follow recipe directions
 * Manages Inventory, correct label, dating and product rotation
     Daily counts, and Product mix totals for correct usage. Monitor par levels in walk-in. First in First out.
 * Ensures adequate amount of food products are always available by managing par levels
     Adjust par levels based on sales, check shelves daily, use order guides and proper storage.
 * Monitors invoice and pricing of suppliers
     When coding invoice look at price, compare to past invoice, check & evaluate price per pound

Coaches & Develops
 * Teaches bar staff the DIGNITY of WORK
      Value each other and contribution to the team. Understand their long term goals.
 * Holds themselves and others accountable
      No excuses. Inspect checklists daily. See it, Own it, Do it.
 * Ensures adequate staffing levels at all times
     Proper balance of guest needs and goals of business.  Lead the shift.
 * Creates a positive and supportive environment of teamwork
     Tough & Fair, Discipline, feedback, praise to each team member. Has done each job.
 * Effectively sources and selects bar staff
     Hire the best, uses interview format and questions. Recruits.
 * Coaches, tests and certifies staff with documented training
	     Training is a daily priority, uses training tools, book and quizzes staff.

Manages Self
 * Acts with INTEGRITY and HONESTY
       Telling the truth is the right thing to do.
 * Takes ownership of performance and admits mistakes
     Admits mistakes and works to make amends. Accepts feedback from supervisor.
 * Adapts quickly to change
     Embrace change and supports corporate decisions.
 * Follows through on commitments
    Builds trust by actions matching words.
 * Maintains a professional image
     Appearance, uniform, attitude, composure.
 * Maintains composure
     Never shows stress in front of a guest. Calm in the storm.
 * Has a sense of urgency
     Do it now. No procrastination.

 * Clearly communicates expectations to team
     Be specific with your directions – verbally, written & deeds.
 * Documents vital information in the manager’s Redbook
     Detailed and accurate notes, on people, products & place.
 * Listens actively
     Listens to learn, if not sure, repeat what you heard.
 * Promptly and consistently shares relevant information
       Full disclosure, no hidden or half-truths.
 * Provides daily feedback and coaching to the team
     Observe behaviors to give both developmental & positive directions
 * Takes appropriate action to address poor performance
     Don’t avoid confrontation, re-direct immediately with training/coaching.

Creates Teamwork:
 * Recognizes and rewards superior performance
     Maintains excellent working knowledge of all positions and points out role model team members.
 * Builds trust and respect
        Every relationship is built on trust, do what you say.
 * Treats people fairly and consistently
     Fair is not “the same”, consistency is the key.	     
 * Values employee contributions
      Set goals with staff, uses team members in their area of strength.
 * Hands on approach to training
     Set the highest standards during their training
 * Daily pre-shift meetings
     Set expectations, focus and daily cleaning before the shift starts.

Manages the Facility:
 * Guarantees a high level of cleanliness throughout the restaurant
     Looks for detail cleaning, assigns projects at the start of the shift, and uses systems.
 * Ensures that all Health Department standards are exceeded
     Labeling, proper temperatures, cleanliness, washing hands, sanitation, chemical awareness.
 * Follow and teaches all safety and security procedures
     Proper lifting techniques, non-skid shoes, cut gloves, knife skills, gloves.
 * ServSafe certified and follows guidelines
     Ready to eat food handles properly, storage cooked above raw, etc.
 * Follows all WaterStreet’s policies ensuring a positive environment for our guests
     A well maintained physical plant, clean, safe and welcoming. Inside and outside.

Time Management and Planning:
 * Organizes work and schedules so that objectives are meet
     Nothing is left undone,  work the plan, plan the work.
 * Deadlines are met
     Plans so reports, tasks, schedules and duties are timely
 * Daily, weekly & Period, checklists are completed 
     Inspect, follow up and make above 90% on score
 * Effectively delegates and follows up on staff
    Teach and train others, uses inspection as a way to provide feedback
 * Prepares ahead for Holidays, busy times and slow times
      Thinks about the future, impact on business, and makes a plan.
 * Plans for interruptions and problems to occur
     How you manage the challenges defines your leadership.

Solves Problems Proactively:
 * Makes tough decisions
     Provides solutions, does not shuffle problems to others.
 * Resolves conflict and makes appropriate choices
     Mediates and explains decision.
 * Identifies ways to improve the reoccurring complaints
      Cure the disease, not the symptoms. 
 * Follows up on guest complaints
     Sees each complaint as an opportunity to win a long term guest.  Respond/ resolve.
 * Achieves goals within WaterStreet’s values and guidelines
     No short cuts, do it right the first time, and honor the concept.
 * Addresses and fixes potential and reoccurring problems
     Look for ways to improve the business.

Financial Accountability
 * Utilizes daily, weekly and period disciplines to ensure positive financial results
     Par levels, prep levels, recipes, inventories, order guides, portioning, pricing, costs, etc.
 * Practices, teaches and enforces all WaterStreet’s policies and procedures
     Knows the policies, stays current with changes, implements new policies with support.
 * Understands the P&L and utilizes all resources to improve costs
      Aloha reports, Product mix, Sysco inventory costs, and Period statement.
 * Upholds all Federal, State and city laws within the restaurant
     Health Dept, Fire Dept, OSHA, MSDS sheets, Dept of Labor, Civil Rights
 * Ensures proper portioning and pricing
     Proper weights for the correct amount of money. Never cheat the guest.
 * Secures Water Street property, and locks all valuables
     Keep locks, LOCKED. Don’t give out keys.

 * Delivers WaterStreet’s promise of QUALITY
     People come for the FOOD, and return if delivered consistently.
 * Builds a caring team with an attitude of service
     Polite manners, that
 * Accommodates guests requests
     Give options, explain options, and be reasonable.
 * Actively turns guest complaints into a positive
     Listen, Apologize, Repair, Thank 
 * Professionally promotes the restaurant 
     Remember you represent the restaurant, even away from the building.
 * Active involvement in the COMMUNITY
     Be a good neighbor; get to know your guests, support corporate civic causes.

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Posting ID: 547942004 Posted: 2021-10-23 Job Title: Bar Manager