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Result Statement: To ensure excellent food quality through implementation of “Water Street Way” methods of recipe documentation, usage, and product presentation.
Strategic and Tactical Work:
1. 	Bring food issues to Kitchen Mgr attention to bring to weekly meetings.
2. 	Meet or exceed “Water Street Way” standards for cleanliness, product quality and guest satisfaction.
3.	Provides quality prep by adhering to all recipe standards.
4. 	Assist in the training of all kitchen positions following the Kitchen training manual.
5.	Implement all systems and forms for kitchen stations.
6. 	Follows all pars designed for kitchen stations.
7.	Stands on hard surfaces for shifts up to 10 hours
8.	Working in excessive heat in kitchen
9.	Working with excessive smoke (mesquite wood)
10. 	Must obtain a Nueces County Food Handler’s Permit at all times.


Position Specific:
1.	A score of 90% or better on all Health Department inspections.
2.	A score of 90% or better will be achieved on all mystery shopper reports.
3.	Will follow all dress code requirements for kitchen position
	Chef Shirt
	Black pants, blue jeans, or approved chef pants
	WS Hat or hair net
	Black Non Skid shoes
	No piercings in kitchen
	Beard guards if necessary
No cell phone use unless on break


1.	All routine work will be documented in an operational manual. The information included in the operations manual is proprietary.
2.	All work will be performed according to company policies and standards inherent in all position contracts, system action plans, and employee manuals, on going policy memoranda, and facilities and dress codes.
3.	Client and company information will be held as strictly confidential outside the company.
4.	Employees will provide staff assistance as requested; each employee may 	be asked from time to time to cover other areas of accountability and/or departments.
5.	Employees will respect each other’s name, space, and need for concentration. Socializing and interruptions must not impede workflow.
6.	Employees will have monthly regularly scheduled meetings with their manager. Employees will also have scheduled yearly evaluations.
7.	Employees are encouraged to recommend ideas for the improvement of their department and position.
8. 	Employee must be at least 16 years old/ (some type of food prep involves duties which minors are specifically restricted from performing by law. For these duties, the minimum age is 18 years old.)
9. 	Employee must be able to work A.M./P.M. shift and number of hours as specified by management.
10. 	All positions, except Dishwasher, must be able to speak, understand, read and write in the English language. It is preferred, but not required, that Dishwashers also meet this requirement.
11. 	Employee must wear hair above collar length.
12. 	May be required to slice and cut food items in preparation for cooking and to garnish plates for serving.
13. 	All employees involved with food preparation are accountable for any waste of food items which occurs. 
14. 	May be required to assist in cooking food.
15. 	Must be conscientious in preparing food items to ensure quality of orders by double-checking the tickets for accuracy.
16. 	May be required, if assisting in cooking food, to produce food orders in a timely manner which has been set to meet the quality standards of Water Street, Ltd. for serving to customers.
17. 	If cooking food items, employee may be required to have knowledge of and follow rules established by the Health Department governing the cooking of meat and fish items. 
18. 	May be required to cut, slice, dice or chop food items or peel shrimp or shuck oysters as needed for serving to customers.
19. 	May be required to inventory and record all waste—which occurs during a shift.
20. 	May be required to operate ovens, stoves, deep fryers, and grills and to clean this equipment at the end of the shift.
21. 	May be required to clean the filters on the Vent-A-Hoods in the kitchen areas as well as other part of kitchen equipment not specifically mentioned here.
22. 	May be required to stock food items, dishes, and silverware in appropriate locations to maintain appropriate levels of foods and serving pieces.
23. 	May be required to perform simple math, handle money and operate a cash register, and prepare bank deposit at end of shift.
24. 	May be required to remove hot breads from oven and transfer items to warming ovens.
25. 	May be required to clean work areas, including floors, to maintain peak efficiency at all times.
26. 	May be required to pass training tests such as those regarding bar service, menu items and others as determined by management, and to do so with 90% accuracy.
27. 	If performing duties of Kitchen, employee may be required to assemble and prepare dish machine for operation at beginning of shift, to stack and unload dish machine within time period set by management (i.e. three minute in most WaterStreet, Ltd. restaurant locations), and to disassemble and clean out dish machine at end of shift.
28. 	If performing duties of Kitchen, employee may be required to refill soap and towel dispensers in kitchen and maintain the three compartment sink with proper amounts of soap and sanitary rinse.
29. 	If performing duties of Kitchen, employee may be required to scrub back dock area daily.
30. 	If performing duties of Kitchen, employee may be required to bring safety mats to kitchen area at the beginning of the shift, place trash cans at various stations, monitor trash cans throughout the shift and empty them as needed and at the end of the shift.
31. 	Employee may be required to inventory products and accurately record information in assigned prep book.

Additional Info

Physical, Mental Essential Functions of the Job:

1. 	Stands and walks for up to six (6) to ten (10) hours per day on a concrete surface while performing duties.
2. 	Lifts and carries food items of varying weights depending on specific position as discussed with immediate supervisor. The weight ranges are between 40 and 75 pounds without assistance, up to 150 pounds with assistance.
3. 	Pushes/pulls and maneuvers food items, pot and pans, dishes, trash cans, freezer doors, stock on dolly of varying weights depending on specific position as discussed with immediate supervisor. The weight ranges are between 35 and 150 pounds with and without assistance.
4. 	Frequently bends, stoops, twists, performs rotating motions and reaches down, out and overhead as needed in performance of job duties specific to the position as discussed with the immediate supervisor.
5. 	In accordance with requirements of specific duties as discussed with the immediate supervisor, constantly uses hands and fingers to hold and handle objects and equipment required to perform duties. Handling may be done one-handed or two-handed depending on the size and shape of the object and task being performed.
6. 	Must have corrected vision to be aware of surroundings and location of items needed to perform tasks, and to perform various job duties.
7. 	Must have corrected hearing to listen to the needs and advice from customers, managers and co-workers, and the environment to be aware of surroundings.
8. 	Must be capable of effectively and calmly communicating with co-workers and/or management regarding instructions, needs and/or conflicts, and work in a fast-paced environment.
9. 	Must be mentally alert and capable of remembering names, faces, details regarding job tasks and food orders, and oral instructions.
10. 	Must be mentally alert and capable of following instructions for the use of and safely using all kitchen and food processing equipment involved in assigned job tasks for periods of time required to complete task.
11. 	Must be capable of working in controlled environmental conditions consisting normally of moderate range temperatures with the possibility of brief temperature ranges from 38 degrees to 350 degrees and hotter, according to need to enter and exit refrigerator/freezer to obtain or store food items, or to work around grills or ovens in preparing foods, or to work with hot steam in dishwashing duties. 
12. 	Must be capable of working in environmental conditions consisting of a normal to high level of noise.
13. 	Must be alert and able to identify a hazard, should one occur, in order to avoid it by reporting immediately or, if directed, by taking corrective measures.
Posting ID: 547942087 Posted: 2021-10-28 Job Title: Dishwasher