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The CSA (Customer Service Associate) works at an assigned store location. The CSA assists in the operation of the facility in a safe, customer-focused, and profitable manner. He/ She performs various duties including, but not limited to: Daily cash handling, lighting/fixtures, cleaning & maintenance, and ensures the security of all inventory and currency to avoid theft and inventory shrinkage. Employees in this classification receive direct supervision within a framework of well-defined Company policies and procedures. Position reports to the Store Manager.


•	Must be at least 21 years of age.
•	High School diploma or GED preferred.
•	Must be able to work alone in the store for long periods of time (or full shifts as needed).
•	Ability to communicate effectively in English, in both verbally and in written form.
•	Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions; able to read and write at a level sufficient to perform assigned duties successfully.
•	Ability to perform basic arithmetic operations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
•	Ability to learn to operate a cash register, computer console, and other equipment and tools related to the work task.
•	Ability to learn and apply proper sanitation and safety requirements associated with food storage and serving.
•	Physical abilities necessary:
o	Ability to stand and/or walk for an at least 8 hours.
o	Ability to occasionally lift and/or carry up to 30 pounds from ground to overhead up to 30 minutes of workday.
o	Ability to occasionally push and pull with arms up to a force of 20 pounds (i.e., utilizing a hand-truck).
o	Ability to occasionally bend at waist with some twisting up to one hour of workday.
o	Ability to occasionally grasp, reach, and manipulate objects with hands above the head and below the knees. (This work requires eye-hand coordination, and may require bilateral coordination of hands up to 4 hours of workday).
•	Ability to occasionally climb a ladder to store or retrieve materials, and/or place or remove signage.
•	Approximately 75% of work is performed indoors, but there are times when extended periods of work may be performed outside:
o	Ability to be exposed to intermittent outdoor hot or cold temperatures and external environmental insects when performing tasks outdoors.
o	Ability to be exposed to intermittent indoor cold temperature extremes when working in walk-in cooler or freezer.
o	Ability to be exposed to intermittent noise (i.e., cash register, telephone, etc.).
•	Capable of working in small spaces at times.
•	Demonstrated success in dealing with stressful situations.
•	Ability to work varying shifts, including overnight shifts and holidays.
•	Must be able to provide proof of authorization to work in the United States if hired.

Additional Info

•	Report to work on scheduled day at the scheduled time, be neatly groomed and in approved uniform as described per the Company Dress Code.
•	Act professionally at all times, displaying a positive attitude, and representing the company in a positive manner to customers, vendors, service providers, and other employees.
•	Helping customers purchase products by fully understanding the store’s available products and having knowledge of product promotions/pricing.
•	Meet, greet, and thank customers in a friendly and timely manner, providing the best customer service and handling complaints quickly and tactfully.
•	Develop customer connections by understanding a customer’s frequent purchases and developing a “one-on- one” relationship.
•	Properly utilize all transactional equipment (cash registers, electronic safe, lottery, fuel, phone card, EBT, credit card, etc.) to efficiently process customer transactions.
•	Adhere to proper cash handling procedures to prevent loss of profit in the store per Company Loss Prevention Policy.
•	Adhere to security controls established by the company regarding drive-offs, burglary and theft prevention, identification checks, counterfeit bills, etc.
•	Use, operate, clean, deep clean, and maintain cleanliness of all food service equipment (coffee, fountain drink machine, frozen beverages, iced tea, hot dog grille, microwave, etc.).
•	Maintain cleanliness/organization of store (inside/outside) including, but not limited to: Restrooms, floors, countertops, shelving, displays, merchandise, food service equipment and area, parking lot, pumps, car wash, and facility property including other outside equipment/units.
•	Properly stock, clean, organize, and maintain cleanliness/organization of the walk-in cooler and freezer.

•	Perform inventory duties, including following vendor check-in process, correct product pricing policies, and check/place codes on products according to policy. Stack products in boxes/crates on the floor carefully, to not exceed five (5) feet.
•	Rotate merchandise using the First In, First Out (FIFO) method, ensuring all merchandise and displays are appealing, organized, clean, and priced appropriately.
•	Complete all required orientation training and on-going training and attend store meetings.
•	Notify management or Human Resources of any observed dishonesty by customers, vendors, or store employees.
•	Keep all doors locked in secured areas; ensure that all doors are properly locked during closing, and that the alarm is properly engaged.
•	Act in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
•	Notify supervisor and/ or Human Resources of any incidents that occur in the store; document and report all information on appropriate company forms.
•	Accurately record all time worked and lunch breaks utilizing the computerized time clock program and manual time sheets.
•	Provide assistance to customers with the operation of fuel pumps, air hoses, car wash, fountain, cappuccino, coffee, and all other equipment/machines on store property as needed.
•	Properly and accurately ring all fuel and non-fuel sales/purchases; lottery tickets, & activate pre-paid cards etc. on the cash register.
•	Understand the laws regarding age-restricted sales (tobacco, alcohol, and lottery); verify identification prior to selling any age-restricted product.
•	Put the register on the log-in screen while performing tasks outside of the cash register area to ensure security of the register.
•	Properly check in/close out the register after shift ends, completing required logs and worksheets (shift report, count sheets, etc.).
•	Pre-heat, stock and code food service items as instructed; utilize a thermometer to ensure product is at the proper temperature.
•	Where needed, physically remove snow and/or ice from sidewalks, entrances, pumping stations, awnings, and dumpster area and place ice melt in high traffic areas.
•	Clean the car wash including floors and walls, understand how to reset the car wash, and perform sales transactions/refunds appropriately; remove trash from car wash once per shift or as needed (Where applicable, if at a store with a car wash).
•	Keep all emergency exits clear of product, trash, etc.; keep a clearance of 36 inches in front of the breaker boxes.
•	As requested, assist in training new team members in the use of the cash register, food service machines/equipment, and outside equipment.
•	Keep all company and store information confidential.
•	Perform all duties with minimal direction and/or periodic supervision.
•	Other duties as assigned.
Posting ID: 548015718 Posted: 2021-10-28 Job Title: Customer Service Associate