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The Project Coordinator position at Parkway is a Project Manager "in training".  It is NOT intended to consist of only administrative duties.  Therefore, actual construction experience is required.

Why Parkway? 
From ‘Concept to Completion’, Parkway Construction & Associates provides complete turn-key construction services and architectural design to clients nationwide. Parkway’s culture is driven by our core values of integrity, trust and respect. Ranked in ENR’s Top 400 Contractors, Parkway Construction & Associates continues to grow by building partnerships with our customers, delivering excellent solutions and developing excellent people.

The following tasks summarize the roles and responsibilities of the Project Coordinator.   The Project Coordinator will focus on the administrative responsibilities within Project Management.  All the Project Coordinator’s roles are as assigned and directed by the Division Director.  The goal will be to provide the necessary support to the Project Managers and ensure each project is built on time, under budget, and per construction documents (quality).  The Project Coordinator should expect spending a significant amount of time in Viewpoint, Parkway’s accounting and management software.  The Project Coordinator reports directly to the Division Director.

The Project Coordinator will only be involved in estimating if directed by the Project Manager.  Such responsibilities may include the following:
•	Attend Pre-bid Meetings
•	Identify and contact new subcontractors to bid 
•	Follow-up with subcontractors on bids and questions
•	Contact subcontractors with bid results
•	Communicate specific questions relating to plans and specifications to the Project Manager and Estimating Department.
•	Attend bid as needed

Job schedules are a critical tool in determining a project’s success.  
The Project Coordinator’s responsibilities may include:
•	Update schedule weekly with Project Superintendent.  (Schedule should be done on Microsoft Project, and have details under each CSI category.)  
•	Participate in weekly meeting with Project Manager to review schedules for accuracy.      
•	Follow-up daily with Project Superintendent to identify any delays in the schedule.  Communicate delays to Project Manager.
•	Communicate with subcontractors concerning scheduling.

The Project Manager is solely responsible for the budgets and costs of the project, however, the Project Manager may call on the Project Coordinator to help with the following:
•	Print-off reports for Project Manager.
•	Submit invoices to accounting once approved by Project Manager.
•	Enter owner draw information as directed by Project Manager into Viewpoint and complete all client specific documents. 
•	Confirm suppliers for subcontractor draws.
•	Follow-up with accounting to resolve problems such as incomplete draw worksheets and/or late invoices.
•	Work closely with accounting to ensure owner funding, subcontractor payment, and supplier lien waivers are accurate and timely.
•	Notify Project Manager when projects are funded.

The Project Coordinator will enter purchase orders into Viewpoint as approved by the Project Manager.  Not to exceed, weekly or open purchase orders are not acceptable.   Clear and precise information should be given to the personnel issuing the purchase order.  The Project Coordinator will verify that Superintendent’s Purchase Orders do not exceed the project budget and are entered to the correct Phase Code.  

Once the Project Manager has written and negotiated the subcontracts, the Project Coordinator will 1) Set-up “new” subcontractors in Viewpoint (see below) 2) Send out subcontracts via Viewpoint and 3) Follow-up to ensure subcontracts are returned & signed.  The Project Coordinator can write a contract under the guidance of the Project Manager in situations where additional support is needed.   

The Project Coordinator will request the additional information from subcontractors and vendors as needed to be set up in Viewpoint.  The Project Coordinator may help with tracking and verification of the correct insurance coverage and W-9.  

The Project Manager will approve all change orders with the subcontractor.  The Project Coordinator will assist with the following (for both sub change orders and owner change orders):
•	Entering change order into Viewpoint. 
•	Work with subcontractor for any additional documentation or pricing break-outs.
•	Contact suppliers and vendors to confirm unit prices are accurate.
•	Make sure change orders are signed and recorded in Viewpoint.
•	Complete client specific change order documents 
•	Confirm that progress payments reflect approved owner change orders.

Responsibilities include:
•	Update Submittal Log weekly with Project Superintendent.
•	Communicate Submittal Log to Project Manager and Architect as needed.  
•	Support Project Superintendent in procuring time critical submittals or shop drawings.  
•	Record submittals in Owner and Operation Manuals.  
•	Procure additional documents, data, pictures, etc. for RFIs.

Project Coordinator is to complete a close-out form and a subcontractor evaluation.   The Project Coordinator's roles during close-out will also include:
•	Obtain warranties
•	Prepare O&M Books for owner
•	Verify Subcontractor Close-out Forms are received back signed
•	Turn close-out forms into accounting 
•	Assist superintendent in meeting owner specific requirements for turnover

Additional responsibilities may include:
•	Attend weekly update meeting with Division Director and Project Manager
•	Communicate with client/owner as needed or requested by Project Manager
•	Assist in procuring bids, test results, city permits, and utility services.
•	Work with PM to train superintendents and improve/streamline processes.
•	Update project websites, which is a weekly project update to the owner.
•	Type up punch lists.
•	Visit project sites to confirm completion of work items (punch lists) as requested by Project Manager.  
•	Support Superintendent in ordering, scheduling, and billing of materials.
•	Follow-up with warranty items 
•	Prepare special reports.
•	Prepare and Distribute Weekly reports


College degree, preferred
Proactive approach and very organized
Ability to demonstrate high attention to detail
Self disciplined to complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks
Collaborative approach
Highly motivated and good work ethic

Additional Info

Position is based in our Lewisville, Texas support center.
Posting ID: 548035616 Posted: 2021-10-27 Job Title: Project Coordinator