Hemp sales

    Florida hemp distribution
    401 west Kennedy blvd, Tampa, FL
    5% commission on all sales

    Job Description

    We are looking for all those who want a job in the Cannabis industry but have not found a path in yet. NOW is the time. Florida hemp distribution . Com has built an extensive website and partnered with Florida based companies that have passed all Florida law requirements. 

    What does this mean to you? If you are currently in the Cannabis space then you know that new laws and packaging requirements have made many companies go belly up. You don’t have to worry about that for us, our lobbying team is always working in Tallahassee.

    If you aren't in the Cannabis space all you need to know is this, our products are perfect, effective, pass all new regulations, and gives us a competitive edge not only because we have the best pricing, but because our CBD products actually work! 

    How do you get paid? Go to floridahempdistribution.com and scroll down on the home page, to the referral section. Sign up. 

    Once signed up you will notice that you now have your own unique website link.

    There are two ways to profit with this website link, that we want you to share with everyone you know.

    1. The most profitable way of making money is to go to your local stores that sell CBD products, or that you think should sell CBD products, and ask them if they carry any of our brands, like, Crystal Creek Organics. If they reply they don’t, perfect, tell them you want Crystal creek products. Then, send them your unique link either via email or text and let them know they can get their Crystal creek products at wholesale here at your link. You will make 5% off all wholesale orders that store places for up to a year! 5% cash of everything they order. Get 5 stores placing orders and you’re set!

    2. The 2nd way to make money with us is by posting and sending your unique link on all social media platforms that you have. For example, if you know Stacie likes bathbombs, send her you link to check out CBD bathbombs! Sharing your link to your friends and followers by posting on social media is the easiest and quickest way to get paid. Talk about an easy job.

    The question is, which method works best for you? If you know small business owners, then go that route! Wholesale will make you more money over time!
    If you have a large social media following, then go that route! You will make cash the quickest this way.

    How does it work, why can you trust us?

    We built a sophisticated software to track all of this data. For example, if you send Stacie a link, and she clicks on it, then a cookie (data) is saved on her device that you referred her. Say she doesn't place an order. 2 months go by. Then she goes to floridahempdistribution.com and places an order, but she didn’t use your unique link to get there? No worries! The reason why we use cookies is because she only has to visit the site once by clicking your link, and after that it’s automatically assigned to your commission whenever she goes to the website and places an order. 

    Here’s where I can explain that this isn’t like selling some random lotion products. This is selling legal cannabis products! The question you must ask yourself is, do I believe in the power of CBD?

    (Their are tons of published science on how Cbd works, google it, you will believe in it, and we will help you reach economic stability with it)
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