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    Job Description

    This is the job description for BANQUET COOK


    Job Title: Line Cook
    Department: Restaurant
    Company: Dimension Development
    Reports To: Sous Chef or Executive Chef
    Supervises: N/A
    Job Description Date: May 1, 2014

    Job Purpose: To produce all orders required by business volume and supervisor, as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to produce the highest quality product. Also, to produce all orders on an a la carte basis and to prep for buffets, banquets, salad bars and hors d' oeuvres.

    Job Responsibilities:
    1. Open up each morning preparing and organizing the station and cooking all food necessary to
    start serving.
    2. Prepare all items for lunch; sauces, soups, buffet entrees, and switch over from breakfast to
    lunch at the assigned time.
    3. Rearrange the line and steam table to facilitate luncheon cooking and service.
    4. Prepare all orders as turned in by wait staff and ensures all orders cooked quickly and
    according to order; also ensures that food leaves the kitchen in peak condition.
    5. Learn menus, recipes, preparation, and presentation.
    6. Ensure that all food is stored in proper containers and at proper storage and holding
    7. Cook only sufficient food in advance to cover expected business volume and to maintain
    8. Prepare all food needed by other kitchen departments which is best prepared by this
    department. Prepare all food for next shift and for the following day as required and directed
    by Supervisor.
    9. Maintain the work area, including all counter tops, utensils, equipment, and refrigeration in a
    clean and sanitary condition in accordance with state, county, and company health regulations
    and work safety regulations.
    10. Other duties as assigned.

    Job Skills:
    1. Must be able to "prep" food products, using standardized food preparation techniques.
    2. Skillfully use hand tools or machines needed for work. Measure, cut, or otherwise work on
    materials or objects with great precision.
    3. Use arithmetic or shop geometry to figure amounts of material needed, dimensions to be
    followed and cost of materials.
    4. Read recipes of items to be prepared.

    Job Qualifications:
    Education HS Diploma or equivalent
    Experience Minimum 3 months cooking experience at a full service restaurant or hotel.
    Licenses/Certifications N/A
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