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    Desk Clerk

    Hampton Inn & Suites
    1600 Hurst Town Center Drive, Hurst, TX

    Job Description

    Guest Service.                  Guest service includes the services the hotel provides to the guests, and the Friendly, Authentic, Caring, and Thoughtful way I treat the guests. My attitude must be one of positive helpfulness with complete professionalism as expected in the hospitality industry. I understand that the way our guests are treated has a direct result in the business of the hotel.

    Posting Accuracy.            I understand that posting charges and payments, as well as any other procedures in the hotel management system, must be accurate. There is no room for gross mistakes and for inaccuracies involved with guest accounts, direct billing accounts, house accounts, end of shift deposits, and methods of payment. I will ask for help in with any postings that I am unsure of to avoid mistakes on the above accounts.

    Cash Control.                   Just as accuracy is important with postings, all cash handling is important, too. I understand that the front desk cash drawer is my sole responsibility during my shift and any discrepancies are my responsibility to correct. I will count the cash drawer at the beginning and end of my shift to verify the correct amount. I further understand that due to my responsibility I must pay for any shortages during my shift, regardless of fault.

    ü  Proper Reporting.           Hotel documents and reports are very important to the daily operations of the services and business of the hotel. I understand that I am responsible for accurately, completely, and honestly reporting information required in each document that I am to utilize during my shift. Some of these reports may include; Courtesy Call Back, ADA Log, Downtime Reports, etc….

    ü  Emergency Procedures.  It is my responsibility to read and understand the Emergency Procedures binder, and to follow the established procedures in the event of an emergency situation. In addition to the Emergency Procedures binder, I must know how to read and interpret the Fire Panel, and to know what to do when the fire alarm sounds. The safety of our guests is extremely important and I am responsible for guest safety during my shift.

    Lobby Cleanliness.           The lobby and breakfast areas must be maintained and kept clean at all times. I will do my part by making sure the area is clean and clutter free while I am on duty. This responsibility extends also to the back office areas, the guest business center, and the immediate area outside the hotel front door.

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